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Master of Arts Integrated Design

Master's programme (4 semesters)

This programme is tailored to enable students to develop their own distinct position, while also equipping them with the necessary professional expertise. Thematic studios coupled with interdisciplinary and experimental research help students to hone their individual focus in the wide-ranging fields of Fashion, Product and Communication Design.

Overview of modules


Master’s Studio: “Culture and identity – imagery and text as cultural practices”

Supervisors: Prof. Peter Bialobrzeski, Prof. Andrea Rauschenbusch

In this Master’s Studio the dialogue between images and text provides the foundation for the critical exploration and development of aesthetic strategies for photography and visual communication. Within a framework of applied research and experimentation, students participating in this studio will discuss and develop artistic strategies, aesthetic qualities and visual concepts focussed around forms of narration, communication and publishing across a range of media extending from the artist’s book to corporate communications.

The tasks and projects undertaken by participants in the context of this studio, which will feature intercultural elements as well as team and solo work, will also provide students with a framework to reflect upon their roles and abilities as independent designers and photographers within the social, political and economic contexts of their professional activity.

A blend of creative, conceptual, and practical work will form the basis for the development of independent research projects / case studies.

Master’s Studio: “Materials and Technology”

Supervisors: Prof. Andreas Kramer, Bettina Pelz

Innovation processes in product design form the focus of this Master’s Studio. Practical projects carried out in the context of this studio will explore contemporary innovations in materials and technologies and their application in innovative products. Participants will also gain hands-on experience in the development of new qualities and commercially viable applications.

Projects will be conducted in collaboration with research and development institutes and enterprises, with the Master’s Studio providing a framework for students to engage with the topics of innovation and sustainability in a professional context.

This studio combines research, development and design with qualitative trend research, innovation communication, and design management.
Students will gain first-hand experience of all phases of the innovation process and apply these insights as they develop their individual design positions.

Master’s Studio: “Fashion, Society, and the Individual”

Supervisors: Prof. Kai Lehmann, Prof. Dorothea Mink, Prof. Ursula Zillig

Social function and narrative fiction meet in contemporary fashion as it explores, interprets and redefines both generational and gender identities. Located at the intersections of art, design and everyday life, this Master’s Studio is an interdisciplinary trend laboratory; a platform that bridges the gap between markets, media, and fashion discourses. Promoting an approach to fashion design – from apparel to accessory design – that is both independent and experimental, we will develop new strategies for the human body and its effective contexts. This programme will range from experimental to pattern design and collection development; and from men’s fashion through to interdisciplinary forms and formats of presentation. This Master’s Studio will provide students with close personal support as they develop their creative identities and prepare for professional practice.

Master’s Studio: “Systems and Structures”

Supervisors: Prof. Detlef Rahe, Prof. Andreas Ostwald, Prof. Roland Lambrette

This Master’s Studio will focus on the research and development of complex structures and systems in design: we will develop multi-piece artifact families for micro- and macro-level application. Students will gain an advanced understanding of the syntax and organisation of systems and their interrelationships with users and operators. These insights will enable students to develop design processes with the capacity to provide creative and innovative solutions to social, technical, aesthetic and economic problems.
This Master’s Studio is open to all of the classical design disciplines as well as hybrid areas of interdisciplinary practice. The studio will prepare students for leadership roles in the planning and implementation of complex design projects and equip them with a toolbox of systematic, scientific, artistic, intuitive, and discursive approaches to the development of creative solutions.

Master’s Studio: "Language and Communication"

From Aleph To Eternity

Supervisors: Prof. Samuel Nyholm, Prof. Tania Prill

With the development of technology and democratization of our communication tools, new kinds of language systems are created. In order for these systems to be compatible with the existing ones, we need an understanding of their basic mechanisms, what tools are at hand and how the increased complexity of technology, as well as the abstraction level, determines how we perceive the world.
Our increasingly technological and globalized world has led to re-introduction of icon-based communication. The need of clarification over cultural borders cannot simply depend on the knowledge of an abstract language, but also the shared experience. Any function that implies unambiguous decisions favors the use of image-based representations to complete, or even replace, the symbolic communication. Another side-effect of modernity is how the technological interface influences the possibilities of personal expression and image-based representations are used as complementary, or even primary communication agents.
This process will lead to new language systems that will produce new forms of communication, new meanings and re-defined concepts of reality. We aim to establish a Master’s Studio for interdisciplinary studies of communication that focuses on the investigation and development of visual language systems.