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Actually, I‘m not a fashion designer. Maybe that was the only reason why I changed my program and chose studiying fashion design for the last semester. My concern was to try something new, dealing with unknown things while I still can do what I usually do, designing.

I have noticed immediately the term „the little black dress“ in search of a suitable topic. The name itself represents something special and mystical. If you hear the name even a „not“ fashion designer will notice that this piece of cloth is revolutionary and spreads a sacred aura.

It is said that the first draft of a „little black dress“, was formed in 1926 and soon became the basis garderboe of any modern woman. By his strict, sensual appeal, it gives the wearer seduction, matu- rity, experience and sexappeal. It describes the history of women‘s emancipation, where simplicity is the key of all true elegance. This one-piece of clothing has the ability to indirectly get attention without trumping its wearer. In the 20th Century fashion designers revert to the male repertoire

of fashion in order to drive forward the development of women‘s clothing. I had to ask myself how this piece of clothing, which was inspired by mens fashion could be translated back into men‘s wear with all its advantages. Nowadays men‘s clothing is usually split into two. – top and bottom, shirt and pants – The little black dress however is a one-piece garment which alone covers the entire body by itself. Because of its frugal silhouette every movement appears smooth. Further- more the dress impresses with the color black because it is a color of power, as it does not interfere with the carrier. Any other color would attract more attention.

The concept for the design was to create a garment for men that stands out for its minimalism and its reticence brings the carrier to the foreground. The aim of carrying the sacred aura, which is given by wearing the little black dress, in everyday life, has been standing in the main focus by creating the two outfits. Deliberately two versions of the little black dress were created. Always inspired of the women‘s dress and the men‘s suit the first outfit starting from the pants ends with the chest area and the other starting from the jacket ends just above the knee. Under no circumstances the outfits should be combined or supplemented with other garments.

reference || Das kleine Schwarze von Amy Holman Edelman

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