The frieze of life

The frieze of life

Vortrag und Ausstellung / 12. & 13.01.2017

In the days between the 10th-13th of January, the MA "Sprache und Kommunikation" will have a workshop in collaboration with the MA students in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Art University in Oslo, taking place in Segment 6 at the HfK.

The workshop is a part of a collaborative project on the theme of Edvard Munch’s ”Frieze of Life”, which embraces the main part of his body of work. The students from both classes have been asked to work on their own friezes of life, illustrating their own experiences or more universal themes around the human life cycle.

At the beginning of the course the students from HfK visited Oslo for three days, studying Munch’s and the Vigeland brothers life friezes in real life and now the students from Oslo come to Bremen for four days, connecting all the individual projects to one collective installation, in the illustration studio in Segment 6.

On Thursday the 12th there will be a lecture by Mona Schieren, a part of her "Lebendigkeitsseminar”, about Munch, Ghosts and Animism.

On Friday the 13th 16 Uhr, the Frieze room (4.06.100) will be opened for a public vernissage festivity, with music and snacks.

12.01.2017 - Vortrag Mona Schieren "On Munch, Animism and the Ghosts“, 15 Uhr (Seg. 6, Raum 4.06.100)

13.01.2017, 16 Uhr, Vernissage (Seg. 6, Raum (4.06.100)
Segment 6, Speicher XI, Bremen


Illustration: Alexander Pfeiffenberger

frieze 2.png

Illustration: Lennart Hespenheide

The frieze of life

Segment 6, Speicher XI, Bremen

12. Januar 2017