Second Open Call - Online Exhibition/Conversation

Second Open Call

Online Exhibition/Conversation

Exhibition: April 10th 2020

Circa’s 106 announces it’s Second Open Call, where we invite cultural practitioners, especially the University of the Arts bremen community, to send us suggestions, contributions in any form of work that uses the online platform, and any kind of thinking process until the 5th of April. We will upload this work in the form of an online exhibition, as well as hosting an online conversation where together with the participating artist we discuss the topics addressed in the open call, the result will materialize in the form of a video podcast and online exhibition in Circa’s 106 website.

How can we have an account for organizing ourselves in big numbers, without resulting in the affirmation of authorities dictating new disciplines, which are getting imposed from top to bottom? Is there a way to move from within by insisting on practice of horizontal conversation and act as a trans-national community?

We believe this is the time to think beyond borders, meaning acknowledging that the planet is at stake. Productivity must not be defined necessarily to come up with new work or any concrete outcome, rather thinking together, reflecting, or holding conversations. This is a call for reimagining the collective act. What collaboration is and admit that the nation-state fixation can’t hold anymore the complexity of our time. 

We would like to invite the HFK community to be part of this online platform, and use this time as an opportunity to come together and get to know the points of view and work of our fellow colleagues.
 Please send us your submission to with a short description and any way you imagine your work.

You are also welcome to join the conversation without the need of submitting any work. Deadline April 5th!
View the previous conversation through the following link:

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Second Open Call - Online Exhibition/Conversation

10. April 2020