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Current information concerning the coronavirus outbreak

Current information concerning
the coronavirus outbreak

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the Hochschule für Künste Bremen (HfK) is adjusting it's precautionary measures an regulations accordingly and in consultation with the responsible authorities.

The information on this website will be updated soon. Please find current information on the 2020 summer semestre and the update of the regulations for the use of facilities of the Hochschule für Künste Bremen as well as the president's letter concerning the current situation below. If you have urgent questions, please contact .

Members of the HfK will receive the latest information and current developments on this topic in their HfK email account. Please ensure that you can be reached via your official HfK email address.

1. Access to Speicher XI campus & Dechanatstrasse campus


Access is permitted to

  • students who currently and in recent weeks have not been able to practice with the previous process (registration and confirmation by e-mail to )
  • students preparing for exams with the previous process (registration and confirmation by e-mail to )
  • students who have applied through the proper channel for individual instruction over the course of the semester in order to carry out specific projects and plans (please contact Dekanat Musik j.birkenkö
  • administration employees with the previous process (check in and check-out at the reception desk).
  • Teaching staff in order to support students (e.g. for individual instruction) with the previous process (registration and confirmation by e-mail to )

Please see the document above for detailed information on regulations and access procedures.

Speicher XI

  • Access is permitted to students and faculty of the department of art and design, as well as administration and workshop employees.
  • Students and faculty of department please see the attachment regarding the “Three Steps” to reserve rooms and workshops and to obtain access to the Speicher XI campus.For further questions, please contact the room reservations team via e-mail ().
  • For administration and workshop employees the procedures remain the same.

2. Help offers, support and further information

An overview of offers of help and support for HfK students can be found here.

HfK Mail (German, English, Spanish) E-Mail
If you have any questions regarding the coronavirus, please send us an e-mail to . If you seek medical care or advice, please contact your doctor or the medical after-hours service initially only via telephone.

FAQ by the World Health Organization (English)
The WHO provides information and guidance regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus

Robert Koch Institute
The Robert Koch Institute informs about international risk areas and particularly affected areas in Germany and provides further information regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus (partially only in German):

Travel and safety information, travel warnings
The Federal Foreign Office provides travel and safety information and publishes current travel warnings (German only):

Family Doctor (Hausarzt, Allgemeinmediziner)
In Germany, you are free to choose any family doctor of your choice. If you display symptoms or need medical advice contact your doctor initially only via telephone, in order to clarify the further steps. In acute medical emergency, you should immediately dial 112, the emergency telephone number.

Medical after-hours service
Outside of your doctor’s office hours, you can contact the after-hours service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of the City of Bremen:
Phone 116 117 (German only)

3. How to support our Students

Some of our students endure financial duress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as they lose their sources of income (cancellations of concerts or the loss of second jobs etc.). In order to support them, the HfK has extended the guidelines for awarding financial support from the HfK’s social fund.

We are thankful for any attribution to our fund:

Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Reference: IA 83212018 / Sozialfonds für Studierende
Account: DE68 2905 0000 1070 5300 04
Bank: Nord/LB (BRLADE22XXX)

All information without guarantee. Subject to short-term changes.