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Help & support for HfK students

Corona Update:
Help & support for HfK students

HfK-Corona-Info Website

You will find the latest information, e.g., official letters and further information on our website HfK-Corona-Info

HfK Social Fund

Students in financial need and under financial duress due to the pandemic can contact the International Office (for international students // ) and Dezernat 1 (for German students // ) for assistance.

Bridge assistance from the federal government
for students in distress

Students who do not meet the BAföG criteria or who are nevertheless in a pandemic-related emergency situation can apply for the bridging assistance for students in pandemic-related emergency situations. The bridging assistance is awarded as a three-month allowance which does not have to be paid back. But please keep in mind the specifics for being eligible Applications can now be submitted via the BMBF website, and the applications will then be processed by the Studierendenwerk Bremen.


Further information:

International Office

The International Office is active in a number of areas: it provides support for international students at the University regarding, e.g., funding, accommodation and visa, and advises German students and other HfK members when planning on studying abroad or for certain international cooperations.
Further information under study abroad of the HfK Bremen
You can find financing tips here.

Department of Research Development
and Research Funding

The Department of Research Development and Research Funding now offers help and advice in two key areas online from now on:

Stipa: Counselling on scholarships
and residencies for and by fellow students

Students provide advice to fellow students in German and English via Skype on issues concerning fellowships and residencies. Questions such as these might arise:

  • The range of support provided by different foundations. What are their criteria?
  • How and when do I apply?
  • How do I draft a strong application and what needs to be listed on a résumé?
  • What kind of residencies are available and how do I apply for these?

Language Assistance: Helping with matters regarding language problems and language barriers German – English;

Fellow students provide language assistance. If you need assistance in another language than English/German, do reach out and Language Assistance will try put you in touch with someone who can help with your specific language needs (i.e. Chinese, Korean, Arabic etc.

  • Support with translating assignments in course work
  • Submissions and submissions written in German
  • Drafting short texts or filling forms in German
  • Accompany students to important meetings and help with translating


Students struggling to pay the monthly rent should reach out to their rental company (e.g., professional rental company, landlord/landlady, Studierendenwerk) and explain the current circumstances.

The Federal Government has introduced new measures to protect tenants unable to pay their rent as a result of the coronavirus crisis.
What it entails:
Tenants may not be given an eviction notice in the months from April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020 if they are unable to pay the rent because of the Corona crisis. However, they must prove that their inability to pay the rent is actually due to the pandemic.
Do you have to pay it back:
Yes. The obligation to pay rent remains, but is simply suspended. The rent arrears piling up during this period are to be paid back by the 30th of June 2022.
Can you simply stop paying:
No. Should you not be able to pay your rent because of a personal financial crisis due to corona, it is recommended that you reach out to your landlord/landlady and try to make a deal for deferral of your rental payments.
Do you need support in reaching out and communicating with your landlord/landlady in German? Please do not hesitate to contact:

Residence permits

Students can turn to the „bremen_service universität” located at the University of Bremen for issues relating to residence permits. Further information and forms are available on this website.

and social counseling

In this challenging situation the Studierendenwerk Bremen continues to offer psychological counseling by phone. Please find service hours and contact information on their website: here.

The center for social counseling can be reached on a reduced schedule by phone. Please find service hours and contact information on their website: here.

Emergency loan program students
by Studierendenwerk Bremen

The Studierendenwerk Bremen is offering studentsemergency situations temporary support through interest-free loans. All Bremen students, including international students, are eligible to apply.
The amount of the loan is dependent on the scope of the financial hardship, but it may not exceed an amount of 550€ per month. It is granted for a maximum duration of three months and can be granted as a one-off payment if an exceptional situation is justified in a written application. Loans are granted upon application, please find further information and application forms here: in the attached summary (English) and here (German only).

Funds for cultural projects and events by Studierendenwerk Bremen

Due to the pandemic numerous events and projects that make up student life in Bremen and Bremerhaven had to be cancelled. Studierendenwerk Bremen allocates those funds to support creative ideas for projects that can be implemented despite the coronavirus. Please find the contact information and the application form on

Help in cases of domestic violence

The AStA of the University of Bremen has compiled a list of phone numbers to call for help if you experience a case of domestic violence:

Grants and support received under the federal law concerning the promotion of education and training (BaföG)

The government support for students (BAföG) is being paid out on the regular schedule despite the postponement of the semester start.
Students can also submit applications for a raise in their support or for advanced payments. If the support from the parental home is discontinued due to short-time work, the Studierendenwerk also recommends submitting a BAföG application (update application).
The Studierendenwerk Bremen is responsible for funding students at all institutions of higher education in Bremen and Bremerhaven under the Federal Education Support Act (BAföG). BAföG is based on a very extensive and complicated case of benefits legislation. In particular for international students, an application is not always possible. Please note that Studierendenwerk can only advise about BAföG in German.

Please visit this page for requests and this page for contact information and service hours.

Catholic University Parish & Innere Mission Bremen

International students in financial need and under financial duress due to the pandemic can receive support in the form of groceries or food stamps by the Verein für Innere Mission or the Catholic University Parish.

  • Pick up of groceries or food stamps is only possible after prior contact by e-mail or telephone and after scheduling an appointment.
  • Please make an appointment and identify yourself as a student.

Please find contact details and service hours in the attached document.

Temporary jobs for students

The Freie Hansesstadt Bremen published job advertisements especially for students, offering temporary positions for tasks resulting from the management of the corona virus. You can find the announcement here. (German only)

Support for Self-employed persons/freelancers
and startups

Emergency aid programs have been put in place for freelancers, start-ups and freelance artists/musicians on state and federal level. Please find further information on the Websites of „Bremer Aufbaubank“ (processing applications for Bremen) and „Nbank“ (processing applications for Lower Saxony).

The Senator for Culture provides general information for those working in the area of art and culture.
Please find further information, e.g., about the promotion program, on his website: here.

Basic income support from the Federal Employment Agency

The application procedure for the basic income support will be simplified for a limited period of six months. The new rules are expected to come into effect within the next few weeks. As the current directive states, certain criteria on which eligibility has been previously based on, such as – among other things – whether or not there are existing assets and whether the rent is appropriate, will be waived. Recipients will be able to keep and stay in their previous home for this period.

Please find current information on their website
or call the hotline (0800 4 5555 23) for self-employed persons, freelancers and other affected persons.

Elternkompass – scholarship information service

Elternkompass is a consulting service for students. It does not grant scholarships itself but provides helpful information about scholarships in Germany. The advice given by the Elternkompass team is free of charge and strictly impartial.

Since the service is completely independent, its research and recommendations are highly individualized and tailored to the needs of each specific student’s request.

For further information (also and especially for International Students and Refugees) on scholarship opportunities for international university students and students of higher education facilities visit:

Consulting services are also avalible through phone and email:
Telephone: +49 (0) 30 278906-777
Monday 10am-12:30pm and 1pm-2:30pm
Tuesday 2pm-6pm
Thursday 2pm-5pm

FAQ by the World Health Organization (English)

The WHO provides information and guidance regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus

Risk areas and further information

The Robert Koch Institute informs about international risk areas and particularly affected areas in Germany and provides further information regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus (partially only in German):

Travel and safety information, travel warnings

The Federal Foreign Office provides travel and safety information and publishes current travel warnings (German only):

Family Doctor (Hausarzt, Allgemeinmediziner)

In Germany, you are free to choose any family doctor of your choice. If you display symptoms or need medical advice contact your doctor initially only via telephone, in order to clarify the further steps. In acute medical emergency, you should immediately dial 112, the emergency telephone number.

Medical after-hours service

Outside of your doctor’s office hours, you can contact the after-hours service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of the City of Bremen:
Phone 116 117 (German only)

All information is provided without guarantee. All Information is subject to change