Bis SpÆther - Ausstellung in Stockholm

Bis SpÆther at Konsthall in Stockholm

Ausstellung / 05. - 08.06.2018

Eine Ausstellung / Intervention des Masterstudios "From Aleph to Eternity aus dem Integrierten Design, zu Gast in Stockholm.


An almost non-existent intervention by the MA class “From Aleph to Eternity”, Hochschule für Künste, Bremen (DE).

Mit/With: Franziska Bauer, Wiebke Boltes, Jessica Hintz Evora, Wei Qi, Kseniia Stavrova, Neele Sakautzky and Feng Sun. Supervised by Prof. Samuel Nyholm

Open 5-8.6, Vernissage Fri 8.6, 17:00
Konsthall, Årsta Skolgränd 16a, 11743 Stockholm

In the most ancient Greek mythology, Aether represented the highest heaven, born by Nyx and Erebus, night and darkness, children of Mother Chaos — the uncreated being and origin of it all.
During the 5th century B.C. the pre-socratic philosopher Anaxagoras introduced an ontological concept, where Chaos, a perpetual vortical movement, and Nous, knowledge and order, formed opposed, dialectical principles. The substances of Chaos and Nous are Aer and Aether, of which all matter consists. Aether is the lightest of the substances, so light that it is close to non-existent. A bit simplified one could say that Chaos is the constant flood of potential being and that Nous brings being in to existence by its invisible organizing faculty.
Anaxagoras’ idea of Aether has re-appeared in modern science in the shape of dark matter, a mass-free energy carrier. In “Aether and Relativity” i.e., Albert Einstein describes aether as the fundamental substance that produces space and gravitation. Whether this is true, or just another of Einstein’s Newton-spawned delusions, is another question, to deal with in a later Konsthall exhibition.

In the course ”Bis SpÆther” for the Master studio Sprache und Kommunikation at HfK Bremen, the students were asked to define an invisible medium, as carrier of communication relevant for their own artistic practice and it’s context. Nous and Chaos has been used as an analogy for how Graphic design relates to visual communication, as a non-material organizer of content; a political message, spirituality, ancient mythology, super-lingvistic communication, or micro-particles of printed and digital images. The students have used their various interpretations of the subject to create Aether-devices that can be used as communication agents for their own messages, as well as tools for commissioned assignments.

As a conclusive manifestation of the course, the participating students exhibits their collective efforts, first in Sankt Petersburg and then at Konsthall in Stockholm.

Bis SpÆther - Ausstellung in Stockholm

Konsthall, Årsta Skolgränd 16a, 11743 Stockholm

05. June 2018, 12:00