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Das Dynamische Archiv | The Dynamic Archive

The Dynamic Archive

The Dynamic Archive at the University of the Arts Bremen will involve collaborative work, exchanges and circular processes as well as the archiving and collection of works in the arts, design and theory. The Dynamic Archive will be a web application where work descriptions, notations of choreographies, software and tools for artistic work are stored and at the same time made available for other artists to be further developed as a whole or in parts. Actual exchanges with cultural institutions are a fundamental aspect of the project, beginning with a focus on media arts, theater and performance. Our question is: How could transfers be facilitated that initiate cooperations across and beyond institutions and established connections?

Hosted by: University of the Arts Bremen

Created and organized by:
Prof. Dr. Andrea Sick
Professor for Media- and Cultural Theory at HfK

Prof. Dennis Paul
Professor for Interaction and Space at HfK

Irena Kukric
Research assistant, project management at the Dynamic Archive at HfK and artist

The Web application is designed by:
Studio TheGreenEyl


Schwankhalle Bremen (Space for experimental Theatre)
Edith Russ Haus for MediaArt Oldenburg (Exhibition space for MediaArt)
HEC GmbH IT-Engineering Bremen



22.05.2019, 6 pm: Emma Hedditch - "What Is Terrible About This?"

19.06.2019, 6pm: Sven Jonke von Numen - "Oblique Strategies"

04.07.2019, 6pm: Ho Tzu Nyen - "Some Notes on the Critical Dictionary of South East"

Coming up soon:

October 2019: Eva Meyer Keller - "On the long Lasting Intimacy of Strangers" (Lecture Performance) 

February 2020: Eva Meyer Keller - "The Best Thinking Starts with Speechlessness" (Workshop)