Are you ok? Are we ok?

Are you ok? Are we ok?

Seven months after the outbreak of the pandemic, the consequences integrate themselves into our everyday life, determine our emotions as well as our creative actions. Thirteen students of the Master Studio Culture and Identity therefore ask:
Are you ok? Are we ok?

Their individual stories come from Essen, Bremen, Hamburg, Wuppertal and China.
They appear as a publication in a large-format collection of sheets without binding and as an exhibition in the space of Galerie Mitte.

Both media function as documents of time. They reflect the pandemic of 2020 and link the multi-layered perspectives and perceptions of the participants.
In dialogue and interaction, the publication unfolds a relational effect. This idea, which emanates from the individual - Are you ok? - and which finds its strength in the shared narrative, is now put to the test once again in the exhibition. Are we ok?

Exhibition and catalog presentation
20.11. – 13.12.2020

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Masterstudio Culture and Identity
University of the Arts Bremen

Exhibitors: Lotte Agger, Qiao Ban, Simon Barth, Franziska Eggelmann, Lina von Jaruntowski, Lukas Klose, Zana Mihajlovic, Laura Peral, Ana Rodriguez, Anja Segermann, Jiayi Wu, Xiang Yan, Shih-Hsuan Yen


Photo © Lukas Klose

Are you ok? Are we ok?

Galerie Mitte im KUBO

20. November 2020