Exhibition @ Circa 106 – Holes and Pipes: Flowing Through You and Me

Holes and Pipes: Flowing Through You and Me
Jiye Lee and Jae-Nder Fluid

Exhibition / 09. to 15.09.2021

Jiye Lee concentrates on tactical installations to depict the social events that have impact on her life. During the residency she found common interest with Jae-Nder Fluid in the topic of gender-neutral bathroom. Jiye focused on the social premises for gender neutral/ better accessible bathrooms during the residency, and will exhibit installations for more flexibility and better adaptive environment.

Jae-Nder Fluid constructs their own space between reality and virtuality using social design methodologies. In the exhibition, they thought about what they could do as a designer for the discourse of gender-neutral toilets, trying to connect the real world and the digital world through the works. Based on an alternative world, they explore the ideal neutral toilet space and genderqueer reality for toilet use. And they would like to show the space occupancy with Jiye Lee for the Circa106 project space as well.

Some of the written and recorded dialogue and shared media will also be exhibited in the space with the works as well. (Korean/ English)

Please join us on the opening day (Thursday) at 6 pm.
The standard 3G rules apply.

Circa 106
Bismarckstr. 106
28203 Bremen

Thursday, September 9th, starting 6pm
Friday, September 10th, 2 - 6pm
Saturday, September 11th, 2 - 6pm
Sunday, September 12th, 12am - 4pm
Monday September 13th, 2 - 6pm
Tuesday September 14th, 2 - 6pm
Wednesday September 15th, 2 - 6pm

Exhibition @ Circa 106 – Holes and Pipes: Flowing Through You and Me

Circa 106, Bismarckstraße 106, 28203 Bremen

09. September 2021, 18:00