Groupexhibition at Dauerwelle

Groupexhibition – OUR POROUS LIMITS II

Exhibition / 14. to 24.04.2022

OUR POROUS LIMITS II - Class Prof. Wendelin van Oldenborgh

The class van Oldenborgh exhibits on the Dauerwelle.

Maria Arzt, Miyeon Chung, Tabea Erhart, Ruoxian Fu, Carlotta Haebler, Dohee Kim, Elizaveta Kovalenko, Hyunbok Lee, Angela Lieber, Jiwoo Park, Jana Piotrowski, Vicc Repasi, Victor Artiga Rodriguez, Liudmila Savelyava, Renen Itzhaki Solstice, Abdulghaffar Tammaa, Yuliya Tsviatkova, Jonad Yipeung

OUR POROUS LIMITS II is the second exhibition emerging with the help of a working method developed during the winter of 2020, which previously resulted in an exhibition at Spedition during the curfew and heavy pandemic restrictions of last year. Almost exactly one year later, we are therefore pleased to welcome you to our coming exhibition following the same logic, this time open for visitors.

An interest grew in building on relations between the various practices of the participating artists and organised exercises of concentrated exchange, in the form of a chain of responses to each other's work, has formed a support structure which is guiding the exhibition’s anatomy. It is the collective that guides and supports the exhibition, while respecting and strengthening the individual positions. In turn, by looking for overlaps between individual interests, a collective strength can be found.

14. to 24.04.2022

Opening hours:

Opening: 14.04.2022, 4 pm

Saturday to Monday 2 pm to 8 pm
Tuesday to Friday 4 pm to 8 pm

(Good Friday and Easter weekend the exhibition is open)

Ship Dauerwelle, jetty opposite the Weserburg, 28199 Bremen


On Saturday 16th and Friday 22nd, 4-6pm, a discussion/workshop will be held on the topic of “safe spaces” by Angela Lieber, Vicc Repasi and Abdulghaffar Tammaa.

Groupexhibition at Dauerwelle

Ship Dauerwelle, Jetty at the Weserburg, 28199 Bremen

14. April 2022