Learning to Draw

Learning to Draw

Exhibition 22.04. - 26.04.2022
Opening 22.04.2022 18h
Hochschule für Künste, Speicher XI 8
Galerie Flut + Nebenflut

Learning to Draw presents 17 projects developed during winter semester 2021/22 in the digital media program. Each project focuses on different modes of machinic, algorithmic and conceptual drawing processes. Including algorithmic drawings, traces of everyday objects, playful machine interactions, remote geographic drawing machines, custom projection machines, reversible writing machines, archives and language, memory machines, hidden patterns and many more.

Katja Striedelmeyer, Hsun-Hsiang Hsu, Gabriella Gonçalles, Marcela Antipán Olate, Qianxun Chen, Nathalie Gebert, Boeun Kim, Jimmy Dao Sheng Liu, Nilya Musaeva, Alberto Harres, Lotta Stöver, Antonio Hofmeister Ribeiro, Lennart Ulrich, Mria Prosphora, Parastou Heydari Aghdam, Yimei Zheng, and Lasse Bornträger.

Accompanied by Prof. Ralf Baecker


(Poster by Nilya Museava)

Learning to Draw

Am Speicher XI 8, Galerie Flut + Nebenflut

22. April 2022, 18:00