Master students at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen and winners of the “Karin Hollweg Preis” 2021 / Dates: November 12, 2021 - January 9, 2022

Participants: Ryosuke Aratani, Armando Ducellari, Annalouise Falk, Nicolas Fehr, Alice Gericke, Paul Ole Janns, Ugur Karatas, Tomma Köhler, Shirin Mohammad, Sebastian Moske, Ludger N.o.kel, Patrick Peljhan, Sabine Peter, Laura Pientka, Arash Qilich, Ul Seo, Elisa Storelli, Stephan Thierbach, I Chieh Tsai, Armin Wischkony

Curated by Alejandro Perdomo Daniels.

At the GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst and Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst
Teerhof 20 & 21, 28199 Bremen

Opening and award presentation: Friday, November 12, 2021, 7 pm (limited contingent, registration via )
Opening times:

Since 2011 the Weserburg has hosted exhibitions of master students that provide an in depth look at the strength, qualities and the rich diversity of artistic creation in Bremen. The award ceremony for the “Karin Hollweg Preis” has become a special highlight of these exhibitions. The prize has been endowed with 15.000 Euro for different categories and is regarded as one of the most important awards for the promotion of the arts at German art academies. One half of the award money is reserved for an individual exhibit in Bremen.

This year the show includes 20 artists. They all contribute new work representing the complete spectrum of contemporary art in media such as painting, ceramics and sculpture, as well as space specific interventions and works in sound and installations, including some using video. The show also benefits from a spacial extension due to a cooperation with the GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, thereby giving viewers the opportunity to see the works of the master students at two adjacent institutions this year.

LAST NOTES BEFORE ENTERING THE BUILDING proudly represents formal, as well as diversity in contents. Thereby it becomes a show case for the different ways young artists produce work that speaks to the public, while operating in a field marked by tensions between artistic practices, theoretical approaches and aesthetic considerations. At the same time, these artists stay true to their own, personal questions, challenges and goals. There is Paul Ole Janns showing paintings and sculpture that explore the many facets of representations in our environments, guided by a programmatic subjectivity. While figuration here serves to combine the lyrical and the casual, the paintings of Ryosuke Aratani entertain an artistic play with the possibilities of abstraction between color and form, surface and texture, control and gesture, structure and rhythm.

Tomma Köhler tackles the relationship between sobriety and mirth created by wearable objects on the boundaries between sculpture and mask. Their anthropomorphic qualities create situations that dissolve the differences between otherness and normalcy. Ludger N.o.kel intends to include audiences in his work and challenges them to activate a situation that derives a context of meaning from the process itself.

The exhibit also includes different approaches in identifying the complex entanglements between the arts and society. Working in film, Patrick Peljhans takes on socio-historic issues, centering experiences related to migration and related, economic factors. Nicolas Fehr works in video installations that break the rigid qualities and specifics of the medium and echo the complexities of a present that is inextricably tied to the past.

At the heart of the work by Ul Seo lie clearly defined ideas, concepts and trains of thought that open up connections among situations and processes. The artists applies a reductive language using repetition as a means to condense correlations into the material shape of an installation. By using spoken words, Armin Wischkony creates a sculpture in speech that merges time, space and experience, while interrogating the material and formal qualities of sculpture as an art form.

Beyond their inspiring diversity, the works included in LAST NOTES BEFORE ENTERING THE BUILDING do share a common capacity to reflect about the arts and the world, while bringing forth surprising moments of aesthetic meaning.

In cooperation with:
Museum Weserbug and the GAK

Bremische Volksbank eG Stiftung
Friedrich Stiftung
Waldemar Koch Stiftung
Dr. Christiane und Bernd Rogge Stiftung


Graphics by: Studio ZMKD (Zana Mihajlovic)


Museum Weserbug & GAK, Teerhof 20 & 21, 28199 Bremen

12. November 2021, 19:00