PARAdiesvögel at Taubenheim – Graduate Exhibition 2021

PARAdiesvögel at Taubenheim

Graduate Exhibition / 12.07. to 07.08.2021

Graduate* exhibition at:

Online from 12.07.2021, with live slots in the context of Open Space on the Domshof from 27. to 31.07. and 03. to 07.08.2021.

With "Influencers Taubenheim", the HfK presents digital and analog works, performances and installations by students as part of Open Space and also places its annual exhibition this year and the awarding of the highly endowed Frese Design Prize under the motto.
As birds of paradise in the dovecote, more than 40 graduates of the Digital Media and Integrated Design courses will be showing their work on the online platform from July 12 onwards.
From July 27-31 and August 3-7, the award winners and honored mentions winners selected by an international jury will be given the opportunity to exhibit their work in public space in the "Taubenheim" as part of Open Space at the Domshof.

The fully collected and curated works of the exhibitors will be available on from 12.07.2021, 6 pm (Launch!).

The announcement of the Frese Design Award Winners* and Honored Mentions will be made at the opening of the Award Winners* Exhibition on 27.07.2021, 6pm here: (6 pm)

Analog exhibition slots on the Domshof in the context of Open Space:
Slot 1 - (Silent) Open Doors: 27.07.2021, 12 pm; 6 pm Event with speaches and awarding (for invited guests only) & musci from DJ Amohr

Opening hours:
28.07 to 07.08.2021

TU & WE 12 to 6 pm

TH 10 am to 6 pm

FR & SA 10 am to 7 pm

After the finissage of the Influencer Taubenheim on the Domshof on 12.09.2021, the entire platform on - including the annual exhibition - will serve as a temporary online archive.

Exhibitors are: Niels Andes, Livia Brocke, Wei-Hsuan Cheng, Jacob Dehn, Viktoria Dietz, Famkje Elgersma & Sarah-Lea Langner, Malte Ellberg, Sarah Frede, Nicole Benewaah Gehle, Mario Greif, Jakob Grommas, Kim Heintzen & Jonathan Tschaikowski, Leonie Heise, Lasse Hellweg & Dominik Hirtel & Laura McFarlane, Jana Hofmann, Hannah Huber, Nataliya Moskovych, Lucy Hollwedel, Fabian Jödden, Marko Kagioglidis, Alem-Birhanae Kolbus, Mahshid Mahboubifar, Daniel Meissner, Ju Young Nam, Laura Peral, Bojana Petkovic, Iulia Radu, Vivian Hernandez Ramirez, Guida Ribeiro, Jone Schardt, Marie Siekmann, Melis Sivasli, Artem Stepanchuk, Gongxu Sun, David Unland, Gabriela Valdespino, Kati Vossmann, Marc-André Weibezahn, Bonnie Shari Wenzke, Yanming Ye, Shih-Hsuan Yen.

Special thanks to:
Petra and Dieter Frese Foundation
Friends of the Bremen University of the Arts


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Graphics – Tine Claussen & Ruben Lyon
Website – Lotta Stöver
Organisation – Viktoria Dietz & Jakob Grommas

PARAdiesvögel at Taubenheim – Graduate Exhibition 2021

Online and at Domshof, Bremen

12. July 2021, 18:00