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Equal Opportunities

The University of the Arts is committed to providing comprehensive access to its services and ensuring that staff and students of the University enjoy equitable treatment regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, social background, religion, ideology, disability, chronic illness, or sexual identity. The University endeavours to provide an environment for learning and working that is characterised by fairness, tolerance, and mutual respect, and has established organisational structures to support the attainment of this goal.

At present the University of the Arts is actively seeking to promote and support young and early career female researchers and artists in particular. A dedicated mentoring programme has been established to provide female students with access to career development and transition support services. The University of the Arts is a certified "Family Friendly University" and is currently in the process of undertaking a re-audit. The success of our equal opportunities policies and practices is documented by a recent survey of university policies conducted by the Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences in which the University of the Arts ranked among the leading educational institutions in Germany.