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Fine Arts

Aims and scope

Our Fine Arts programme offers students the opportunity to develop their own unique artistic identity under the personal guidance of our staff of widely respected tutors.
The core areas of study in this programme include: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Installation Art, Concepts, Photography, and Media.

This programme is concluded with a diploma examination, and has not been remodelled as a Bachelor’s / Master’s programme. In accordance with the University's new regulations all courses are held in open classes, creating a collaborative learning environment that facilitates interdisciplinary work and cooperation across individual areas of study. The open design and focussed nature of this programme enables students to adopt a wide ranging approach to their studies that is focussed on developing solutions. Located in a beautifully converted historical warehouse complex in what was once part of Bremen’s international port, the Faculty’s excellently equipped studios, workshops, campus library and exhibition space provides the best possible conditions for creative work and research in a concentrated and cooperative atmosphere.

Seminars on contemporary art theory and practice, art history, media theory / history, philosophy, and cultural studies provide students with a solid academic foundation. More than just a necessary extension of students' practical work, academic studies are integral to this programme and ensure that students develop the theoretical and historical insight necessary to drive their artistic experiments and hone their creative skills. Students are also welcome to extend the scope of their studies by attending seminars on design, music and other subjects.

Classwork, projects, and conversations and discussions with tutors and co-students all combine in this programme to foster the development of a genuinely artistic spirit characterised by an inquisitive outlook, a thirst for practical experience, in-depth academic insight and the courage to experiment. A spirit, in short, that will enable students to pursue their unique artistic vision through a combination of independent work and critical reflection.


This programme spans 10 semesters. Students can successfully complete this programme without taking the diploma examination. The Master Student programme (Meisterschülerstudium) is 2 semesters in duration and students can enter this programme following the successful conclusion of their Diploma in Fine Arts.

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