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Architop – Bremen Institute of Architecture, Art and Urban Culture – is the first joint initiative launched by the University of Bremen, Bremen University of Applied Sciences and University of the Arts Bremen.

Architop provides an interdisciplinary forum for the development and transformation of designed spaces and the study of the related ideas, concepts, theories, and impacts.

Architop seeks to advance the study of urban culture and the social dimensions of urbanity through academic, practical, and aesthetic research. Architop facilitates public debate by exploring the design and constitution of spaces as well as the planning, production, utilisation and social dimensions of built structures in light of their fundamental role in the reproduction of economic, social and cultural relationships. The analysis of the symbolisation, mediatization and aestheticization of urban lifeworlds worlds through architecture, design and urban planning is central to this work.
Our research practice is informed by an interdisciplinary perspective which traverses the boundaries between art and cultural studies, architecture, urban planning, design, communication, aesthetic practice, and inquiries into the gendered nature of space.