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Arp Schnitger Institute for Organs and Organ Building

The Institute is the central organisation for the field of Organ Studies at the University of the Arts. The scope of its activities includes academic and artistic practice as well as tuition and research.
The Institute is dedicated to promoting closer cooperation in the areas of academic research and artistic practice. As a networking platform for researchers and practitioners, the Institute supports interdisciplinary academic and artistic research in the field of Organ Studies while also seeking to establish closer links to contemporary international discourses in the humanities and to strengthen Bremen's position as a European centre of the arts and sciences with a rich historical legacy in the field of organ practice.

The Institutes activities include the implementation of an excellence initiative; basic research; funding acquisition and the coordination of joint research projects; research and development initiatives in cooperation with national and international third-party donors; the development and production of artistic / academic publications and the organisation of conferences and other events.