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Institute for Early Childhood Music Education

The Institute for Early Childhood Music Education is part of a wider network of organisations dedicated to the study and promotion of music education in early childhood care. The issue of precisely how musical sensibility, knowledge, and artistic ability develop within socio-cultural contexts has received little attention in the research community.

Our goals:

  • Support the on-going development of the Elementary Music Education programmes at the University of the Arts (incl. the Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Higher Education) and anchor this area of studies firmly within the practice of music education in Bremen.
  • Drive the structural development of research and tuition processes at regional and national levels, and create a centre of theoretical studies at the University of the Arts through the documentation of practical projects.
  • Link research initiatives across Germany with the aim of initiating individual projects and pooling interests and support resources.
  • Create infrastructure capable of supplying know-how to academic staff at other institutions of higher learning who wish to pursue research initiatives in this area.
  • Track the latest research on music education processes in early childhood and present this information in an effective manner to a wider public.
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