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Studio for New Music

In an age where vast digital databases provide easy access to music from every possible period and culture, the human appetite for new and previously unknown forms of music remains constant. The Studio for New Music provides students with a space in which they are able to actively engage with the various currents of contemporary composition. Concerts and workshops with leading contemporary composers complement the various courses held at the Studio.

Founded in 1994 by Professor Younghi Pagh-Paan, the Studio for New Music serves as a laboratory for the production of new work through artistic dialogues involving both composers and interpreters. Directed by Professor Kilian Schwoon, the Studio for Electroacoustic Music provides students with the opportunity to master modern audio technologies and explore their artistic potentials. The Studio for New Music also maintains a close dialogue with the students and teaching staff at the Faculty of Art & Design, particularly in the areas of video and installation art.

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