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Application Integrated Design


Due to the current situation, there will be a digital recording procedure this year.

Bachelor´s programme Integrated Design

The application procedure for the programme of study Integrated Design at the HfK is online. The University of the Arts provides all applicants with its online portal ARTIST. The HfK will keep in touch with you by e-mail during the application procedure via your applicant account at ARTIST and will inform you about dates, procedures, necessary documents and tasks.
Applicants for the bachelor's degree programme in Integrated Design must submit their online application for admission to the entrance examination and the study programme via the HfK portal ARTIST ( by 30 April 2020.

Entrance examination

The first part of the exam consists of a homework assignment to be completed independently on a given topic and a supplementary selection of up to five further papers (e.g. sketchbooks or series) of your choice. Enclosed are

  • a list of the works submitted
  • a tabular curriculum vitae with passport photo

The works are uploaded on a web interface. You will receive further information promptly by e-mail. 

Based on the results of the submitted papers, the subsequent second part of the entrance examination will take place on 16 June 2020. It consists of a diary to be worked through and an online interview with the examination board. In addition, the applicants can upload another five self-chosen works/drafts.

If you have passed the entrance examination, you will be notified by e-mail and will take part in the allocation procedure for available places.

If you receive a letter of rejection, it remains to be seen whether the University of the Arts can allocate you a place in the succession procedure. Please be patient, we guarantee that no study place will remain free.

Important dates for Bachelor´s programme Integrated Design

Application for admission to the entrance examination: from 2020-02-01 until 2020-04-30
Notification of topics / Kick-off for assignments: from 2020-05-04
Upload of assignments: 2020-05-19 until 2020-05-22
Appraisal of assignments: 2020-05-26 until 2020-05-28
Assignment results / Invitation to attend the entrance examination / Starting to edit a diary: from 2020-06-03                                                         Creating a diary: 2020-06-03 until 2020-06-10 
Upload of the diary: 2020-06-11 until 2020-06-14
Entrance examination: 2020-06-16 if necessary 2020-06-17
Allocation of entrance examination: from 2020-07-07                                                                                                                                 Allocation of placements: until end of July 2020                                                                                                                             Commencement of the winter semester lecture period: 2020-10-05

Master´s programme Integrated Design

Applications for admission to the entrance examination for our Master´s programme Integrated Design must be submitted through our online portal ARTIST between 2020-04-01 and 2020-05-15. On receiving your application, the University of the Arts will send you an email containing details on other important deadlines and dates in the application process.

The selection process

Applications should include the following:

  • documentation demonstrating that the candidate has acquired a first professional qualification OR documentation detailing the candidate’s average grade with respect to a course of study of at least 150 credit points
  • a personal résumé (bullet-point format)
  • an expose of 2-4 pages in length outlining the candidate’s project / research proposal in respect of a specific studio, its relevance for the candidate’s personal development, and likely impacts on society / technology / innovation / culture
  • a portfolio of selected works by the candidate which are relevant to the respective programme of studies and Master’s Studio.

The above mentioned documents must be available for upload 2020-05-19 until 2020-05-22.

In the next step, candidates will be invited to attend a personal interview with the head(s) of the respective studio(s). Candidates will be given the opportunity to offer further information on their research proposal in the course of this interview. This will be followed by a discussion of various questions and topics put forward by the selection commission.

Candidates will be notified by email of the outcome of this selection process.

Candidates that receive a letter of rejection will be placed on a reserve list and may be offered a placement in the event that a successful candidate does not take up their placement. We promise that all available placements will be filled.

Important dates for Master´s programme Integrated Design

Application for admission to the selection process: from 2020-04-01 until 2020-05-15
Upload for documents and works: 2020-05-19 until 2020-05-22
Sessions of the selection commission: 2020-06-02 until 2020-06-04
Notification of selection process results and invitation to personal interviews: from 2020-06-17
Personal interviews: 2020-06-24 until 2020-06-26
Allocation of placements: by mid-July 2020                  
Commencement of the winter semester lecture period: 2020-10-05

Application for studies in the higher semester: from 2020-05-01 until 2020-05-31

Information for foreigns applicants

Please Note, the proof of German language skills as obligatory pre-requisite for enrolment. Foreign applicants
for a course of study at the University of the Arts must prove that
they have good knowledge of the German language in oral and written  communication. Further information on the language certificate can be found below.

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