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Student Advice Integrated Design

Competent advice and support is available through the Dean’s Office

A range of advisory and advice services are available for students who require assist in addressing issues relating to

  • studying at university
  • time management and organisation
  • qualifications 
  • problems arising during studies

The Dean’s Office can help you to select a suitable programme, plan your studies and manage examinations by providing expert advice services and coordinating additional support through your tutors and lecturers. We can also help you to identify other advice services that can assist you with personal problems or difficulties that might prevent your application or have a negative impact on your studies. We are here to help you.

General information about studying at the University of the Arts

The Student Services Office (Unit 1) is your central point of contact for information and resources relating to applications, examinations and study programmes available at University of the Arts Bremen. The Student Services Office can provide you with detailed information and advice on a broad spectrum of issues ranging from how to organise your timetable and courses, to the University’s application and admission procedures, from the ins and outs of enrolment and de-registration, to sabbatical holidays, university and examination regulations, student loans, and guest and part-time study options.

Unit 1 - Student Services Office
Office hours:
Monday - Wednesday: 11:00 - 13:30
Thursday: 13:00 - 16:00
Friday: closed and by appointment
Speicher XI, Rooms 3.09.020 to 3.09.030

Thorrid Dalter

Tel.: 0421 - 95 95 11 10

Sabine Morgenroth

Tel.: 0421 - 95 95 11 12

Arnika Gerding

Tel.: 0421 - 95 95 11 14

Sylvia Jacobsen

Tel.: 0421 - 95 95 11 11