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Master of Music: Church Music

Entry requirements: Candidates must complete a programme in Church Music (either a Bachelor’s or B Examination; to apply for this programme students must provide official documentation showing that they have begun the examination process) Candidates must successfully complete the entrance examination.

Duration: 4 semesters
Qualification: Master of Music*

Major subjects

The Master of Music in Church Music encompasses three Major subjects:

  • Organ
  • Liturgical Organ Play / Organ Improvisation 
  • Choral Direction

Vocal Performance, Piano (or Historical Keyboard Instruments) and Score Reading & Reduction are the main basic subjects in this programme, flanked by a range of elective subjects in the fields of music theory and musicology.
The overall aim of this programme is to provide students with a comprehensive artistic qualification in the field of Church Music and to equip them with the skills necessary to work independently or in a team as they embark upon a career as an organist, cantor or choral director.

A large number of historical, Romantic and modern organs are located in and around Bremen, and students at the University of the Arts can look forward to a wide-ranging and stylistically diverse programme of organ tuition. The close cooperative ties between this programme and the Department of Early Music provide students of Church Music at the University of the Arts with valuable insights into continuo practice and an older organ and vocal repertoire. The programme’s wide-ranging choral practice prepares students for a range of career options, including the fields of children’s and chamber choirs. The Church Music programme at the University of the Arts includes formal training in musical direction (conducting) with a strong practical component.

The organs

Students of church music in Bremen enjoy access to a diverse range of historical organs, including a wide variety of styles and levels of craftsmanship:

  • the tower organ in the former observatory at University of the Arts Bremen
  • Schnitger organs in Capperl, Dedesdorf, Grasberg, Stade and Weener
  • a Silbermann organ in Saint Peter’s Cathedral
  • Gothic and Renaissance organs in East Frisia (Rysum, Uttum, Osteel, Westerhusen etc.)
  • the replica of a classical French organ (based on a design by Clicquot) in Stapelmoor
  • an original Italian organ in Rhede
  • the Romantic organs in the cathedrals in Bremen (Sauer), Osnabrück (Cavaillé-Coll) and Verden (Furtwängler & Hammer)
  • a symphonic organ built by Gerald Woehl in Cuxhaven
  • The University of the Arts is located close to Bremen’s St. Stephani and Walle churches; while the former houses an historical organ by Beckerath, the latter is home to a meantone organ by van der Putten.

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