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Bachelor of Arts: Music Education

Students wishing to undertake a degree in teaching (Lehramtsstudium) in Bremen should contact the University of Bremen, which hosts degree programmes for prospective music teachers for all levels of the education system.
These programmes are run in close cooperation between the University of Bremen and University of the Arts Bremen. Within this framework the University of the Arts provides practical music tuition as well as courses in music theory, while the University of Bremen provides tuition in didactics, pedagogy and specialist areas of study. The Bachelor of Arts in Music Education is a double major degree programme and students will study their second subject at the University of Bremen All classes in artistic Major subjects as well practical music tuition and courses in music theory are held at the Faculty of Music of the University of the Arts.

The Bachelor of Arts is the first degree awarded on this qualification track and requires the successful completion of six semesters. Students electing to continue with their studies will gain a Master of Education after a further 4 semesters.
The following Bachelor degrees are available: 

Bachelor of Arts Primar-/Sekundarschule (B.A.) – for teaching at primary /secondary schools
Bachelor of Arts Gymnasium (B.A.) – for teaching at Gymnasium schools