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Master of Music: Jazz Performance

Entry requirements: Candidates must complete a programme in musical performance OR music education for Jazz or a related musical genre (either a Bachelor’s or Diploma programme; to apply for this programme students must provide official documentation showing that they have begun the examination process) Candidates must successfully complete the entrance examination.

Duration: 4 semesters
Qualification: Master of Music

Major subjects

  • Flute (Jazz)
  • Vocals (Jazz)
  • Guitar/E-Guitar
  • Piano/Keyboards
  • Double bass/E-Bass
  • Trombone (Jazz)
  • Saxophone (Jazz)
  • Drums/Percussion (Jazz)
  • Trumpet (Jazz)
  • Vibraphone

The Master of Music in Jazz Performance is an advanced course of studies with a focus on professional practice and concert performance for talented young instrumentalists and singers with an undergraduate degree or diploma in jazz performance or music education for jazz.

The programme’s links to the University Big Band along with a variety of combos and ensembles operated in cooperation with the Department of New Music and the Studio for Electro-Acoustic Music lend this programme a strong practical focus and make for an inspiring and distinctively unique learning environment. The close proximity of this programme to the Faculty of Arts & Design also provides exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation in student-led multimedia projects. With its international concert programme, weekly sessions and regular try-out concerts, our Jazz Club is a hothouse for artistic development and a professional performance venue that is popular with both students and guest musicians.

Based on site at the University, the Klaus Kuhnke Archive provides an excellent resource for students keen to explore the connections between jazz and other related musical genres.