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Diploma Exhibition Eddie de Goer

Diploma Exhibition II 2021 Sommersemester

Eddie de Goër


Also in sommersemester 2021 the graduates of the Fine Arts will be exhibiting their final works at various locations in Bremen as part of the 2021 diploma exhibitions. Since the diploma exhibitions can unfortunately be open to the HfKpublic only due to the current hygiene regulations, we will successively offer insights into the works - ranging from painting and drawing, installation and sculpture to film and performance.

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Eddie de Goër - Between unyielding limits and nearly infinite freedom

02. to 06.07.2021, Nebenflut, Am Speicher XI 8
Registration via: (5 persons each slot)

Between names that are made a given, whose effects can be complex and far-reaching, and a drive for agency, Between offers intersecting conversations with people who came to use self-given names for themselves.


Photos: Ana Rodriguez Heinlein