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Diploma Exhibition Juhyeong Lee

Diploma Exhibition I 2021 Sommersemester

Juhyeong Lee


Also in sommersemester 2021 the graduates of the Fine Arts will be exhibiting their final works at various locations in Bremen as part of the 2021 diploma exhibitions. Since the diploma exhibitions can unfortunately be open to the HfKpublic only due to the current hygiene regulations, we will successively offer insights into the works - ranging from painting and drawing, installation and sculpture to film and performance.

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Juhyeong Lee - Discrimination sale 2021

17. to 19.06.2021, Galerie Flut, Am Speicher XI 8
Registration via: (5 persons each slot)
Documentation via Checkin system or list.

Juhyeong selects five types of discrimination and makes five objects from them. These are in turn transferred into smaller, edible versions and presented in the exhibition.

Titles of the different works:
1. ’88 Olympic’
2. Isolation
3. Amen
4. Get ready with me
5. Your gaze Stinks

Material of the bigger Objects:
Bauschaum, acryl spray, Querschäler, Bandmaß, Epoxy Resin


Exhibition photos: Ana Rodriguez Heinlein