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Version Room - The Dynamic Archive 2

Version Room – The Dynamic Archive 2

Version Room (The Dynamic Archive 2) is a program that will take place on a monthly basis in the exhibition space Circa 106 where “The Dynamic Archive” will exhibit its components and versions. In line with the context of Circa 106,  “The Dynamic Archive” sets out to discuss, probe, and develop the questions of collaborative work and sharing. Artists and designers provide “The Dynamic Archive” with their working methods and processes (components), in order to make these resources available online to others for use and further development. These working methods and processes will be presented beyond their digital environment in Circa 106.

March 20, 2020
7 pm

Guida Rebeiro – The Unproductive Adult
Leon Lothschütz
Der Glückliche Kreativarbeiter

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April 02, 2020
7 pm

Lena HeinsMethodologies of Sampling
Marjana RadovicSampling of a Pearl

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May 15, 2020
7 pm

Lucas OdaharaThe United Body of History
Elburuz Fidan – Chains, Knots and Wounds

June 11, 2020
7 pm

Luiz ZanotelloInspecting Material Unconsciousness
Ana Filipovic – Conversing and other Spatial Practices

In CIRCA 106
(Centrum for international Research and Collaborative Art)
Bismarckstr. 106, 28203 Bremen