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Student Representation (AStA)


The Students’ Union (AStA) is a group of students that acts on behalf of the student body both inside and outside the HfK.

The AStA is therefore the executive body of the student body. It is elected by the Students’ Parliament (StuRa) of the HfK.

The AStA consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of seven student spokespersons, from among whom a chair is elected by the StuRa. Its tasks include the organization and coordination of student self-administration, representation of political (especially university political), social and cultural interests of the students.

In addition, it is dedicated to establishing contacts and cooperation with other universities and their student councils, organizing events and providing information to the student body.

In its work, the AStA is bound by the resolutions and guidelines of the StuRa and the regulations of the student body.

Students’ Parliament

The Students’ Parliament, in turn, is formed across departments from the HfK student body; it is the elected representative of all HfK students. The parliament consists of 15 members and is in office for one year. All students can run for it and be elected to the StuRa during the annual student representatives election.

In addition to electing AStA members, the StuRa decides on the use of AStA contributions, advises and decides on guidelines, fundamental issues and student regulations. It organizes elections, supports the foundation of student councils and self-administration in the study programs and convenes general assemblies.

Meetings, dates and contact

AStA meetings are held bi-weekly on Mondays at 18:00. The are open to the university and can be attended without registration.


AStA University of the Arts Bremen

Am Speicher XI 8

28217 Bremen

The AStA at Speicher XI
Room 1.10.030
Tel.: 0421 - 95 95 10 60

The AStA at Dechanatstr. 13-15
Room K.21

Tel.: 0421 - 95 95 10 61

For specific matters, the student speakers may be contacted directly:

Student speaker for finances

Student speaker for state university politics + semester ticket

Student speaker for internal university politics and + networking

Student speaker for communications + media affairs

Student Speaker for international affairs

Referat Soziales + Antidiskriminierung

Student speaker for social affairs+ antidiscrimination

Student speaker for cultural affairs

The AStA on Social Media