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Student Representation (AStA)

The brief of the Student Committee (AStA) covers a diverse range of tasks.
Its responsibilities include the organisation and coordination of the student administration, and the representation of the social, cultural, and political interests of the student body (particularly in the area of university policy). In addition to this, the Student Committee cooperates with other universities and student organisations, organises events, operates a sport programme and provides advisory services to students. New students are welcome to contact the Student Committee or visit our office at any time for advice on studying at the university.

Student Council

The Student Committee (AStA) is elected by the Student Council for the term of one year at the beginning of each summer semester. The Student Council is comprised of students from both of the University's faculties and is elected each year at the end of the winter semester. All students enrolled at the University of the Arts are eligible to participate in these elections. In addition to electing the Student Committee, the Student Council can also be convened to debate and vote on matters put to the Council such as the expenditure of the Student Committee. The sessions of the Student Council and Student Committee are held in public and students are invited to raise questions or provide input at these meetings.


The Student Committee meets each Thursday at 8:00 pm; meetings are held at the Speicher XI and Dechanatstrasse centres alternately.