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A family-friendly university

A family-friendly university

Reconciling the demands of family life, work, and university studies is especially challenging. The University of the Arts recognises that students caring for young children or other dependants shoulder a double burden, and endeavours to provide a robust support framework for students with young families or other dependants. In 2007, the University of the Arts became the first university for art and music in Germany to participate in the Family & Career Audit. On 30 June 2008, Ursula von der Leyen (the Federal Minister for Family Affairs) awarded the University of the Arts its official Family & Career Audit Certificate and the title of “Family-Friendly University” at a prize ceremony in Berlin. The university is currently in the process of undertaking a re-audit and was awarded a new certificate in August.

We have taken a number of important steps in our initiative to implement family-friendly services, for example:

  • child-minding services for children under three years of age are available at both faculties of the University of the Arts. These self-organised services are operated in conjunction with the University.
    • Established in April 2010, a child-minding service operated by the “Hafenkinder e.V.” parents association offers its services to young parents studying at the Faculty of Art & Design at the Speicher XI warehouse complex.
    • A second child-minding service – “Die Lütten e.V.” – was established in July 2011. Co-managed by Radio Bremen, Theater Bremen, Weser Kurier newspaper and the University of the Arts, this cooperative service hosts up to 18 children in a facility opposite Radio Bremen’s inner-city centre (Geeren 66, Stephani Viertel).
  •  “Amadeo” musical kindergarten for children aged three to six is a cooperative project of the University of the Arts and a local kindergarten (Kindertagesstätte St.-Johann) in the city’s historical Schnoor Quarter. This kindergarten on Kolpingstraße is just a short walk from the Faculty of Music on Dechanatstrasse. For further information, please contact: .
  • The University also organises a week-long summer holiday programme for children. This programme is especially designed to foster creativity and support young mothers and fathers. Holiday programmes are also available at Bremen University of Applied Sciences during the Easter and autumn breaks. Parents studying at the University of the Arts are also welcome to use this service.
  • Child-friendly infrastructure created at both of our centres includes breastfeeding rooms and nappy tables.
  • Students and employees at the University of the Arts also enjoy access to a range of preventive health services (including yoga courses, back muscle training courses, massage services).
  • Family support, counselling, and information resources are also available.

The implementation of a range of other measures is planned for the coming three years, including:

  • emergency child-minding services for students participating in orchestral and operatic projects
  • the creation of cooperation and counselling services for employees nursing dependants
  • the creation of a health promotion programme for employees in cooperation with a fitness studio
  • the extension of flexible working times
  • Career & Family Audit: Target Agreement (german):

For further information on child-minding services, preventive health courses and other measures implemented within the framework of the Career & Family Audit, please contact:

Petra Döling
Room: 4.09.040 (Speicher XI)

Phone: 0421-9595-1029

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