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Mission Statement

Art, Music, Design, Theory

University of the Arts Bremen is an excellent environment for creative young people to grow their talents and prepare for a career in the arts.
Uniting the disciplines of art and music under a single roof, we occupy a unique place in the German educational landscape.

An overview of our programmes

University of the Arts Bremen offers highly qualified tuition across a diverse range of interdisciplinary programmes which transcend the boundaries between the disciplines of music, art and design. Co-operation between our twin faculties ranges from inter-faculty seminars and workshops through to large-scale artistic productions and academic projects.

Individual and professional

At University of the Arts Bremen our students learn to set their own goals, follow their creative urge, cross boundaries and to successfully accomplish musical, artistic and design projects through teamwork. The University of the Arts is a medium-sized German college of the arts with approximately 900 students, 65 professors and over 200 lecturers and teachers. The University is well-equipped to offer students an outstanding education in a wide range of artistic practices, while its compact size allows students to enjoy close working relationships with their teachers in a warm, welcoming and inspirational atmosphere.


At the University of the Arts our study programmes unite academic elements with practical artistic research and creative output.
The study programmes at our twin Faculties of Music and Art & Design are designed to enhance the creativity of our students and help them to develop a professional outlook, while highlighting the significance of the cultural, historical and social dimensions of art. We actively endeavour to unite artistic, creative, and academic elements within our programmes rather than emphasising abstract knowledge. The potential of this approach to deliver innovative and creative work and solutions has been proven time and again in the development of new design concepts, products, corporate identities, digital media and other communication instruments through interdisciplinary work at the university.


Like the Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen, which was once a central hub of maritime and mercantile trade in Europe, the University of the Arts has a decidedly international character and has established an extensive network of international partnerships and cooperative agreements. Around one third of all students enrolled at the University of the Arts come from abroad, and there is a vibrant and international flair to our campus. The large number of foreign students enrolled at the University of the Arts is a testament to the high quality of our programmes and the strength of our international reputation.

Spin-out companies, networks, partners

University of the Arts Bremen combines state-of-the-art tuition with innovative career development initiatives and professional practice: spin-out companies, start-ups, joint ventures and a diverse range of cooperative projects link the University of the Arts to its wider cultural and economic environment at a local, regional and international level. Close cooperation with partner universities and other cultural institutions, including Bremen’s theatres, museums, orchestras and the Haus der Wissenschaft science centre lend our study programmes a distinctly hands-on flavour, enabling our students to acquire the skills they need for their professional practice. This strong artistic and academic profile is bolstered by the close contact to professionals enjoyed by our students, along with expert feedback, and opportunities to learn project management skills and gain entrepreneurial experience.

A creative motor in a heritage landscape

With two centres in Bremen’s inner city and harbour precinct, the University of the Arts is firmly anchored in the heart of Bremen’s historical, architectural and cultural landscape. Our Faculty of Music is just a short walk from the town hall, market square and Roland statue in Bremen’s historical city centre, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004. The Faculty of Art & Design in Bremen’s Überseestadt has become a magnet for start-up ventures in the creative industries and is a major factor in the revitalization of one of Bremen’s most up-and-coming suburbs. University of the Arts Bremen stages a diverse range of concerts, exhibitions, symposiums and workshops each year and has become a major cultural institution in Bremen and the wider region.


A host of national and international awards and accolades won by both students and members of our teaching staff testify to the exceptional quality of our programmes. Our unique combination of artistic practice and in-depth historical and theoretical analysis guarantees that students enjoy a world-class education. Since its inception, our university magazine – VIER – has been showered with awards, including a gold medal at the Best of Corporate Publishing Awards and the IF Design Award. On top of this, the University won first prize at the German Music University Awards 2007.