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The University of the Arts – Our history

While the University of the Arts was awarded its official title in 1988, its roots reach far back into the 19th century.

The establishment of a design course at Bremen’s Museum of Applied Arts in 1873, during the heyday of the 19th century Historicist movement, was an important step in this long journey. Just five years later, students in Bremen were able to train as professional musicians under private tutors, leading to the establishment of a »Conservatory of Music« in 1893.

Over the following decades, both institutions continued to develop independently of one another. The 1920s saw the establishment of the »School of Applied Arts« (1922), followed by the »Nordic Art College« (1933), the »Municipal School of Song« (1935) and the »Nordic Music College« (1942).

In the post-war era, »Bremen State Art College« (1946) and the »College of Design« (1970) emerged from these institutions along with the »Bremen School of Music « (1948) and »Bremen State Conservatory« (1965). In 1979 the amalgamation of these various institutions brought about the establishment of a »University of Design, Art & Music« in Bremen.

The University’s organisational structure has changed repeatedly since then as previously independent institutions were incorporated and it was only in 1988 that the current University of the Arts, with its twin Faculties of Music and Art & Design, emerged.

In 1993 the privately operated »Academy of Early Music« was also incorporated into the University, bolstering its music programme significantly.