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Green University

Green University

Music, Arts, Design, Digital Media … and what about the environment?

We care, because there’s potential in our university and protection of the environment is necessary.

In 2011, students of the HfK launched a workgroup for an eco-friendly university, which is now a workgroup in cooperation with the university administration.

Our issues are

  • Saving of energy and ressources
  • Analysis of energy consumption
  • Recycling
  • Transport/Mobility

Saving of energy and ressources
The saving of energy and ressources is a very important one. Electricity, water or paper are of finite nature and are produced with finite ressources. Beside projects like the use of recycled paper and energy-efficient lamps, we want to sensibilise the student body for this problem.

Analysis of energy consumption
The analysis of energy consumption in both buildings was undertaken by an engineer and has shown the university a high potential to protect not only the environment but save money too. Also, the Klimafreunde Bremen supports us with recommendations for the environmentally sustainable development.
So far, we picked out smaller subjects like the purchase of energy-efficient lamps or LED lamps and bigger projects like solar panel or the thermal insulation of our buildings (scheduled).

Dumping all waste together in one “pot” is harmful for nature and us. Furthermore, it is no big effort to put plastic to plastic and paper to paper. So we positioned several rubbish bins with three compartments (Plastic, paper and residual waste) in the Dechanatstraße. In near future, these are planned for the Speicher XI, too.

Bremen is a bicycle friendly city – this could also be of use for the university of arts. Just now, we bought two electric bikes („Pedelecs“) for official business. The HfK also has two electric cars, which take our employees from A to B without much noise and emissions and employees can use the public transport at a cut-rate (“Job-Ticket”).

We are always pleased, when we can gain more supporters! Our workgroup meets twice per semester. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to or to .