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Erasmus+ ST

Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility

Teaching Mobility (STA)

Erasmus+ supports visiting lecturers at European partner universities which hold a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). Visiting lecturers are to strengthen the European dimension of the partner university as a result of their stay, to complement their teaching activities and to share their expertise with students who do not wish to or are unable to study abroad.

Where possible, developing joint study programmes between the partner universities should be a consideration, as should the exchange of teaching content and methods. Staff from foreign companies and organisations can also be invited to German higher education institutions for teaching purposes.

Staff mobility must take place in a programme country that is not the country of the sending higher education institution and not the main country of residence of the person concerned (except for incoming mobility, see below).

For teaching purposes, higher education staff from a German higher education institution with ECHE can be funded for teaching at a receiving higher education institution with ECHE (outgoing mobility). In addition, staff from another institution established in another Programme Country (incoming mobility) working in the labour market or in the fields of education, training or youth may be invited to teach at a German higher education institution with ECHE.

Teaching stays within Europe last between two days and two months (excluding travel time); the teaching load is at least eight hours per stay or per week or part thereof.

The following persons are eligible for funding: •Professors and lecturers who have a contractual relationship with the higher education institution

•Lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte)

•Emeritus professors and retired lecturers

•Research assistants

•Company staff


You must apply for a teaching mobility grant. Teaching mobilities can be planned in the winter and summer semesters and have flexible start dates in consultation with the partner universities. It is recommended to contact the International Office early in order to calculate the limited funding available.

Applications can be submitted by email to the International Office including the following information:

•Desired period of stay

•Which partner university


•Has an invitation already been sent: yes/ no

Further information:

Funding rates ST

Financial support for Erasmus mobility for teaching purposes or for further and professional training is based on the different standard costs of living in the countries of destination ("programme countries"). For funding, uniform daily rates apply.

As of project year 2021, the following fixed daily rates apply for three categories of countries up to the 14th day of the stay; from the 15th to the 60th day of the stay, the funding amounts to 70% of the above-mentioned daily rates:

•Category 1: 180 EUR per day for Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden

•Group 2: 160 EUR per day for Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany (incomer), Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

•Group 3: 140 EUR per day for Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

These daily rates are supplemented by travel costs depending on the specific distances between the place of departure and destination, which are determined using a calculation tool that is uniform throughout Europe.

The following amounts are to be paid per stay and depending on the distance:

•100 km - 499 km: 180 EUR

•500 km - 1,999 km: 275 EUR

•2,000 km - 2,999 km: 360 EUR

•3,000 km - 3,999 km: 530 EUR

•4.000 km - 7.999 km: 820 EUR

•8.000 km and more: 1.100 EUR


International Office

Susanne Schäfer M.A.

Tel.: 0421 95 95 10 40

Anke Schmidt M.A.

Tel.: 0421 95 95 1041