Opening Speicher XI A

Opening Speicher XI A
A new place for interdisciplinary dialogue: Fine Arts, Design, Media and Music

19 April 2023, 5 pm, Admission from 4:30 pm
Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Speicher XI A, Überseetor 11, 28217 Bremen, Halle 1 & 2

On April 19, beginning at 5 pm, the Bremen University of the Arts (HfK) will ceremonially open Speicher XI A. With this building complex, the HfK receives a long-awaited, tailor-made extension in the Überseestadt, which interlocks the fields of art, design and music even more closely. The opening will feature Polytope XIa, a large-scale sound and light production.

Speicher XI A demonstrates the potential of a contemporary university of the arts and music. At this new location in Bremen's Überseestadt, teaching, artistic practice and artistic-scientific research will engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue. Art, design, media and music will be able to interlink even more closely: Lectures, exhibitions, media installations and performances will take place here, as will concerts and opera performances.


  • Prof. Roland Lambrette (President)
  • Dr. Claudia Schilling (Senator for Science & Ports)
  • Prof. Katrin von Maltzahn (Dean Faculty of Fine Art and Design), Prof. Florian Edler (Dean Faculty of Music)
  • & Christina Scheib (Curator)
  • Dr. Antje Stephan (Chancellor)
  • Prof. Dennis Paul, Lorenz Potthast, Prof. Kilian Schwoon (Project Guidance Polytope XIa)
  • Polytope XIa
  • Get-Together + Drinks & Snacks

Program highlight: Sound and light production Polytope XIa

The opening will be accompanied by a large sound and light production. Students from the departments of art and design as well as music, together with Dennis Paul (professor for interaction in space), Kilian Schwoon (professor for electroacoustic composition) and Lorenz Potthast (media artist, alumnus and lecturer), have dealt with Iannis Xenakis' "Polytope de Cluny" (1972). At the time, visitors experienced the performances of this early milestone of immersive digital media art in the Roman baths of the Cluny Museum in Paris. 50 years later, the original sound tracks are now being reinterpreted on a 3-D loudspeaker setup in Bremen and overlaid with a light installation specially developed for the Speicher XI A. In addition, new spatial sound compositions by HfK students will be heard on the days of the event as reactions to Xenakis' world of ideas.

A short video about Polytope XIa can be found here. (Vimeo: External link)

More information:

Press release for Opening of Speicher XI A: Click here.

Speicher XIa-009.jpg

As an event space, Speicher XI A is taking center stage at the HfK. (Photo: Lukas Klose)

Speicher XIa-002.jpg

Right next to Speicher XI the new Speicher XI A has been built at the Überseestadt in Bremen. (Photo: Lukas Klose)


The opening of Speicher XI A will be the accompanied by the sound- and light-installation Polytope XIa. (Photo: Lukas Klose)

Opening Speicher XI A

Speicher XI A, Überseetor 11, 28217 Bremen

19. April 2023, 17:00