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Rector`s office

The Office of the Rector is comprised of the Rector (appointment pending), the Vice Rector (appointment pending), and the Registrar. The Office of the Rector is tasked with the management of the University's affairs and all matters relating to the University not assigned to other organs.


The Rector is the public and internal representative of the University. S/he is is responsible for the orderly operation of the University and exercises authority over the premises. S/he is the Chairperson of the Office of the Rector and is authorised to issue guidelines on the management of the University. S/he also oversees the allocation of performance payments in consultation with the Deans of the University.

Vice Rector 

The Vice Rector's responsibilities are defined in the university's statutes and regulations. S/he works in close cooperation with the Office of the Rector.


A member of the Office of the Rector, the Registrar is responsible for leading and managing the university administration and the activities of its service divisions. The Registrar exercises budgetary powers and represents the Rector in his/her absence.