The Dynamic Archive Lecture - Antonia Baehr

Antonia Baehr - The Making of Tentative Tentacles and the Making up of May Be

TDA-Lectureseries (will be held in englisch language) / 14.01.2021

"Behind the make up, we find no truth but true make up." > The work represented by make up productions falls in between categories of art genres, as choreographical, musical and theatrical performance, as well as categories of gender. This falling in between is due to complex strategies of appropriation within these categories and conventions. > We appropriate professions, like choreographer, dancer, musician, names and biographies, in order to pursue our fantasies, achieve a better carrier and find a seat in the world. > We play switching power-games of giving instructions and executing them and we look how it feels. We make temporary contracts concerning collaboration forms or social structures. > We research the fiction of everyday-life performance and the fiction of theater. > We make the pieces we would like to see and haven't seen yet.

– excerpt from make up production's manifesto on

14.01.2021, 6 pm
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*Workshop* Antonia will give an online workshop for students at HfK

This practical workshop is about working with scores. We will write and perform scores and short pieces for each other based on portraits and interviews. We will approach imitation and imitation in our own performance sketches. We will practically explore the method of "Alba Emoting" and feminist scores and archives. Conditions for participation are a playful approach and the curiosity and courage to perform and work in groups. Participation does not require any special training. Composers, sound artists, performers and choreographers are also very welcome.

workshop dates: 01.-03.03.2021
If you would like to take part in the online workshop, please send an email to:


photo credits: Abecedarium Bestiarium, C is for Culebra Island Amazon of Puerto Rico (Amazona vittata gracilipes) by Pauline Boudry; photo : Anja Weber

CV: Antonia Baehr lives and works as a choreographer, performer, filmmaker and visual artist in Berlin. Her pieces explore, among other things, the fiction of the everyday and the theater. Baehr studied with Valie Export Berlin and completed her master's degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Antonia Baehr currently collaborates in duos with Lucile Desamory, Neo Hülcker, Andrea Neumann, Latifa Laâbissi, and Jule Flierl. In December 2020, "Die Hörposaune" by and with Jule Flierl and Antonia Baehr was supposed to premiere at HAU Berlin. Baehr is producer of horse whisperer and dancer Werner Hirsch (who also appears in Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz film installations); musician and choreographer Henri Fleur; composer/performer and ex-husband Henry Wilde.

The Dynamic Archive Lecture - Antonia Baehr


14. January 2021, 18:00


01. March 2021