The Dynamic Archive Lecture - Sebastian Lütgert

The Dynamic Archive Lecture - Sebastian Lütgert

Lectureseries / 10.12.2020

"How Do Artists Work (Other Than Solo)? Towards a Unified Theory of Collaboration"

TDA Residency Sebastian Lütgert will visit the lectureseries.

This lecture examines some of the most common non-solo forms of artistic collaboration (the duo, the couple, the trio, the quartet, the group, the imaginary group, the network, the movement, the factory, the office, the corporation, the brand) and a number of non-artist roles that non-solo artists tend to assume in collaborative environments (the curator, the barkeeper, the editor, the designer, the technician, the programmer, the producer, the host).

Can we make out - through anecdotical evidence and art works that, hopefully, reflect the heterogeneity of contemporary artistic practice - if some of these configurations have specific advantages over others, and, if so, what factors contribute to that? Can we think of completely different types of artistic collaboration that are either not well understood or entirely overlooked? Can neighboring fields - like literature or music - provide concepts that are useful to better understand how artists can or cannot work? And can we find patterns of what works and what doesn't that remain more or less stable throughout the history of art, and unaffected by the inevitable cycles of artistic fashion?

10.12.2020, 6 pm


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Image credit: LAUNCH OF PAD.MA, FEBRUARY 29, 2008, BOMBAY

How Do Artists Work (Other Than Solo).jpg


NW: Starship Magazine #5, Zwei sind zu wenig, 2002
NE: Daniel Spoerri, Restaurant Spoerri Tisch (ohne Tischdecke), 2004
SW: Bootlab, Berlin, 2006
SE: Launch, Bombay, 2008

The Dynamic Archive Lecture - Sebastian Lütgert


10. December 2020, 18:00