The Dynamic Archive Lecture & Workshop - Sebastian Lütgert

CANCELLED! The Dynamic Archive Lecture - Sebastian Lütgert

Lectureseries + Workshop / 22.06.2021 and 12. to 16.07.2021

Lecture "How Do Artists Work (Other Than Solo)?"

TDA Residency Sebastian Lütgert will visit the lectureseries.

In this session, we are going to examine some of the most common non-solo forms of artistic collaboration (the duo, the couple, the trio, the quartet, the group, the imaginary group, the network, the movement, the factory, the office, the corporation, the brand) and a number of non-artist roles that non-solo artists tend to assume in collaborative environments (the curator, the barkeeper, the editor, the designer, the technician, the programmer, the producer, the host).

Can we make out - through anecdotical evidence and art works that, hopefully, reflect the heterogeneity of contemporary artistic practice - if some of these configurations have specific advantages over others, and, if so, what factors contribute to that? Can we think of completely different types of artistic collaboration that are either not well understood or entirely overlooked? Can neighboring fields - like literature or music - provide concepts that are useful to better understand how artists can or cannot work? And can we find patterns of what works and what doesn't that remain more or less stable throughout the history of art, and unaffected by the inevitable cycles of artistic fashion?

22.06.2021, 6 pm

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Workshop: "Programming for Non-Programmers"

This is a computer programming course for artists who don't necessarily have any specific intention to program, or prior knowledge of programming. Rather than specialized coding skills, this workshop intends to convey a broader understanding of programming as a creative and not always goal-oriented practice that turns out to have many similarities with what artists - like painters or sculptors - tend to do.

In times where most technology presents itself as fully opaque - mythical "algorithms" running as proprietary "apps" on obscure "cloud" platforms - it makes sense to re-evaluate to what extent, and for what purposes, the hardware, software and networks at our disposal can still be used as universal tools. The hope is that, in an artistic context, being able to read, follow, maybe even write programming languages "conversationally" can be universally empowering, regardless of concrete applications.

registration for workshop: 

The workshop will be held in person at HfK Bremen in room 4.15.070 (großer Theorieraum). It will take place over the course of the week 12-16.7. Groups of students can join the workshop each day at different time slots: 10-12.30h / 13.30-16h / 16.15-18.30h

If you are interested to join the workshop, please send an email to Manana Kobakhidze with the desired slot in the day:




Sebastian Lütgert is an artist, programmer, writer,
co-founder of Bootlab and Pirate Cinema Berlin. He has co-initiated a
number of projects on intellectual property, cinema and the internet,
including (2001), the cinema archive, The Oil of the 21st Century project,,,,, and the
open media archive He lives in Berlin.


Picture Caption:

LEFT: "Man reading a copy of Paul Graham's 'Hackers and Painters' (2021)" (
RIGHT: "A man with a mobile phone filming 'The Man with the Personal Computer' by Robert Luxemburg (2020) created from Dziga Vertov’s 'The Man with the Movie Camera' (1929)." (@mrmogotti)

Image credit announcement picture: LAUNCH OF PAD.MA, FEBRUARY 29, 2008, BOMBAY



22. June 2021, 18:00



12. July 2021