Emma Hedditch - What Is Terrible About This?

Emma Hedditch - What Is Terrible About This?

Eventsseries "The Dynamic Archive" / 22.05.2019

Emma Hedditch will talk about their research into cooperative business models and how they could be applied to artistic production. In the past two years Hedditch has been studying cooperatives in small reading groups, workshops and meetings with members of art organizations including Artists Space, NY, The Showroom, London, Rhubaba, Edinburgh and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. In this lecture, Hedditch will talk about some of the outcomes of these gatherings and why they consider the cooperative model is important and relevant to thinking through artistic production and the struggles with authorship, economics and labor.

22.05.2019, 6 pm
Nebenflut (Room 1.07.040), Speicher XI, Bremen

Nebenflut (Room 1.07.040), Speicher XI, Bremen

New York-based artist Emma Hedditch (born in 1972, GB) examines what is produced and negotiated within the format of public presentations, especially those that resist the standard protocols of a cultural institution. Hedditch has worked with Cinenova, a feminist film and video distributor (1999–present), Copenhagen Free University (2001–2008), No Total, a site for performance (2012–present) and Coop Fund, a member organized funding cooperative (2018- present). Hedditch has participated in group exhibitions including Coop Fund, Amalle Dublon & Constantina Zavitsanos, Devin Kenny, John Neff, Artists Space (2018), Finesse, curated by Leah Pires, Wallach Art Gallery, New York (2018), Claim a hand in the field that makes this form foam at Outpost Gallery in Norwich (GB), and Other Romances, curated by Em Rooney at Rachel Uffner Gallery in New York (2017). Hedditch has published texts in Afterall, Mute Magazine, and Art Monthly, and contributed to the books Rereading Appropriation (If I Can’t Dance, 2015) and Anarchic Sexual Desires of Plain Unmarried Schoolteachers (Selected Press, 2015). Hedditch’s self-published work includes A Political Feeling, I Hope So, Coming to Have a Public Life, Is it Worth it? and the e-book of performance scripts, I Don’t Want you to Work as Me, I Want you to Work for Me.

The lecture is part of the lectureseries and the project "The Dynamic


The Dynamic Archive

Lectureseries / Vortragsreihe SoSe19 _ Part 1

Collaborative Work

The “Vortragsreihe” in the Summersemester 2019, starting on the 22nd of may, is part of the researchproject The Dynamic Archive. It involves collaborative work, exchanges and circular processes as well as the archiving and collection of works in the arts, design and theory. We believe that an university of the arts is predestined to initiate such a project.

An university of the arts is a zone of convergence and of experimentation in collaborative endeavors. Such an institution can be defined as a territory of communality. This comes with limitations, as we only interact with the people or institutions within this temporary environment. On the other hand, our sphere includes numerous individuals, objects, trends, stories and fictions, as well as stagings. Convergences and disruptions, as well as the mechanisms of making choices are important preconditions to set up the testing of diverse ways of participation and the development of exchange processes.

Our framework is to build and develop The Dynamic Archive as a space and web application where work descriptions, notations of choreographies, software and tools for artistic work can be stored and at the same time made available for other artists to be further developed as a whole or in parts. As a web application, such a Dynamic Archive will have to be realized with physical components, too. The 1st Version of the webapplication with an amount of components and connections will go online on the 15th June 2019 (thedynamicarchive.org)

The “Vortragsreihe” The Dynamic Archive endeavors to examine mechanisms of collaborative working beyond the perimeters of the University of the Arts.

The lectures will discuss potentials for collaborations based on continuous exchanges and reflections on the structures of sharing. What does collaboration actually mean referring to engaging beyond the boundaries of individual institutions in efforts to develop shared projects of a limited or broader nature? What kind of conditions to we need to craft for this?

Collaborative work and the sharing, copying and further use of modules developed by other members of a network have become practices in communities in the arts, design and academia in recent years. “Open Source” strategies in software development have served as a model for these efforts. At the same time, issues such as goals and motivations among practitioners, as well as questions concerning authorship, patents and trade secrets relating to know how and processes have arisen.

As we regard these relationships within our collaborative research project “The Dynamic Archive”, it becomes of essential importance to constantly work against the risk of immediately succumbing our effort of research, learning and shared production of knowledge to the logic of commercialization and self-optimization. We ask: Are there different practices that could be introduced and tested? By using the term “research” in context with “the Dynamic Archive” we talk about an activity to conceptualize in a critical sense while taking aim at the economization of knowledge as a framework.

The “Vortragsreihe” (Part 1) therefore intends to question, how can the transfer between the institutions (such as theaters, exhibition spaces and an university of the arts, as well as software companies) and artists und designers be effective for all parties involved? Could appreciative processes of reception, sharing and combining complement each other?

The “Vortragsreihe” is part of the ongoing researchproject The Dynamic Archive with the webapplication (thedynamicarchive.org) as an ongoing exchangeplatform, and residencies for artist (collective groups and individuals specially in the field Media Art and Performance Art) and international exchange projects with artists and students (collaborative workingplatforms).

The “Dynamic Archive”

created and organized by

Prof. Dr. Andrea Sick (Professor for Theory in Media and Culture, HfK)

in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dennis Paul (Professor for Interaction and Spaciality, HfK)

Research Assistant and Projectmanagment: Irena Kukric

Hosted by

The University of the Arts Bremen (HfK) in cooperation with:

Schwankhalle Bremen (Space for experimental Theatre, Artistic Director: Dr. Pirkko Husmann),
EdithRuss Haus für Medienkunst Oldenburg (Exhipitionspace for MediaArt, Artistic Director: Edit Molnar und Marcel Schwerin),
HEC GmbH IT-Engeneering Bremen (Executive Directors Thorsten Haase)

Documentation of the conference from The Dynamic Archive last year: dasdynamischearchiv.de

Emma Hedditch - What Is Terrible About This?

Nebenflut, Room 1.07.040, Speicher XI, Bremen

22. May 2019, 18:00