Last Minute Design Lecture and Lecturesseries Fine Arts- Refrakt

Refrakt - Building Castles in the Cloud

Lectureseries / 30.11.2020

Refrakt is a Berlin-based artist collective and design studio, working in the fields of Augmented Reality, digital exhibition design and editorial design since 2014. For Alexander Govoni and Carla Streckwall (alias Refract) the linking of digital and analogue realities and media always plays a central role in free artistic and applied work. Their multimedia installations have been shown in several international exhibitions. @refraktapp

The talk BUILDING CASTLES IN THE CLOUD is highly recommended for students from fine arts as well as digital media and integrated design studies.

The Last Minute Design Talks present interdisciplinary contemporary positions in Design — curated and organized by Prof. Andrea Rauschenbusch, visual communication, integrated design/HfK.

Lecture: 30.11.2020, 6 pm
Auditorium, Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen (For HfK internals only. registration is necessary) Registration via:
(Please read the description. Limited to 25 slots)

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Graphic and poster for series: Lasse Hellweg

Last Minute Design Lecture and Lecturesseries Fine Arts- Refrakt

Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

30. November 2020, 18:00