Last Minute Design Talk - Samuel Treindl

Samuel Treindl – Produktionsprojekte von A bis Eitempera

oder etwas mit Forschungsstelle für anarchistische Produktion oder einfach aufhören.

Lecture / 01.06.2023

After training as a wood turner, Samuel Treindl first studied design at the Münster University of Applied Sciences and then fine arts at the Münster Art Academy with Ayşe Erkmen and Mariana Castillo Deball. Treindl was represented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, such as the exhibition "Produktionsblase" at Kunsthalle Münster in 2017, and took part in Emscherkunst 2016, among others. Treindl has received numerous awards, such as the working scholarship of the Stiftung Kunstfonds, the Nordwestkunst Prize 2019, the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen project grant, the Kunststiftung NRW project grant, as well as nominations for the Design Award of the Federal Republic in 2014 and 2016. In addition to his own artistic work, he teaches artistic strategies in public space at the University of Siegen. He currently lives and works in Münster and Wuppertal. His works are participatory and process-oriented and move freely between sculpture, design, action art and architecture.

01.06.2023, 6 pm
Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Nebenflut, Seg. 7, Am Speicher XI, 28217 Bremen

The lecture is part of "Last Minute Design Talk — The Transformative Power of Visual Communication"
Curated and organised by Prof. Andrea Rauschenbusch, Visual Communication, Integrated Design/HfK.

Poster: Lena Heinze

Last Minute Design Talk - Samuel Treindl

Nebenflut, Seg. 7, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

01. June 2023, 18:00