Lecture – Christian Kuhtz

Christian Kuhtz - Einfälle statt Abfälle (Ideas instead of waste)

Lecture and exchange of ideas / 24.05.2023

Christian Kuhtz, 1958, eco-craftsman, low-tech tinkerer, graduate designer

Even as a child, I liked to play and experiment with natural materials and "prosperity leftovers", I found joy in repairing found everyday objects or making them myself. Growing mountains of rubbish and the oil crisis in 1972 made me work particularly hard against waste. Since "Brokdorf 1975" I became involved in the anti-nuclear movement and specifically developed methods to produce alternative energy in self-help and to use it sensibly.

I soon organised workshops on the first successful constructions (solar collectors, wind turbines...) and published "Einfälle statt Abfälle". In the 80s, during my studies and for a few years afterwards, I often travelled by bicycle as an eco-craftsman. Since 1990, I have mostly lived in Kiel. I try out lifestyles named with today's buzzword as "sustainable" in as many areas as possible, always experimenting to see how they fit for my family or for the people I am working with at the moment.

The lecture will be held in german language.

In the context of the seminar "Creative Research" accompanied by Annette Geiger and Alexander Sahoo.

24.05.2023, 5 pm
Large Theory Room (Room 4.15.070), Am Speicher XI, 28217 Bremen

(free access)

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Lecture – Christian Kuhtz

Großer Theorieraum (Raum 4.15.070), Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

24. May 2023, 17:00