Lecture – Tom Duscher

Tom Duscher – Exploring Visual Science Communication

Lecture / 07.06.2023

"Exploring Visual Science Communication"
Lecture by Tom Duscher, Professor of Interactive Information Design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, Kiel.

As an interdisciplinary research center for science communication, the Kiel Science Communication Network (KielSCN) develops new approaches for communicating scientific content by exploring visualizations of information and their perception. To this end, the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel have joined forces: with its combined expertise in the fields of educational research, information design and innovative health research, the KielSCN aims to raise visual science communication to a new, forward-looking level.

"On the Influence of Design on the Communication of Current Research."
Lecture by Julia C. Ahrend, Kiel Science Communication Network & PhD candidate at HfK Bremen.

The PhD project on "Visual Science Communication" investigates the question of how successful design is conducive to the process of understanding. Based on exemplary interactive and multimedia communication products, the research field is defined and discussed from a design perspective. How must communication be designed in order to keep the attention of the recipient and to promote corresponding learning processes - when and how is it perceived as appealing?


In the context of the HfK seminar "Creative Research - Art and Speculation as Method" accompanied by Annette Geiger and Tanja Diezmann.

Wednesday 07.06.2023 / 4 pm
Ship Dauerwelle, jetty Tiefer 1, 28195 Bremen


The lecture is part of the ADRIFT series on the Dauerwelle.

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Lecture – Tom Duscher

Ship Dauerwelle, jetty Tiefer 1, 28195 Bremen

07. June 2023, 16:00