Lectureseries Critical Futures - Franziska Bauer & Rosanna Umbach

Franziska Bauer & Rosanna Umbach - Utopien & Leiden_Schaft

Lectureseries (Lecture in german language) / 10.02.2021

Within the series "Critical Futures" Franziska Bauer & Rosanna Umbach will do a online lecture.

Purple Scare is a queerfeminist maga_zine collective situated in Bremen. For us, the maga_zine is an intersection between art and politics, interweaving theory and practice. Hereby we understand publishing as a form of political activism and within the field of queerfeminist debates critically face up to visualities, in/visibilities and social conditions. The maga_zine creates a room for exchange where multivoicedness, critique and solidarity can emerge through queerfeminist friendship and complicity. The third issue, which is in the works, entangles utopias & passions [translation from the german word “Leiden_schaften”, including the word “Leiden” = suffering]: Together we want to look back, take a long view forwards and briefly blink in between, in order to catch a glimpse of the conception of a better world, of communities of care and queer living & conceptual space.
Whereof do I dream at night or with open eyes and which nightmares do I have? Who can afford to dream and who has to always keep their eyes open? How can the utopian be visually communicated or depicted? What do we burn for and what burns us out? On what do we fail – collectively? Which everyday life moments carry the utopian in them? What kind of rooms do we want to arrange together – which structures to organize by ourselves?

10.02.2021, 6 pm
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Franziska Bauer

Franziska Bauer is a graphic designer, artist, self-publisher and gender-queer activist.
Bauer studied Integrated Design at the University of the Arts Bremen. In Spring 2019, she graduated with a work called „Die gerade Linie, die existiert nur in der Vorstellung.” (diegeradeliniedieexistiertnurindervorstellung.de; engl.: The straight line, it exists only as a notion). Since then, she is a lecturer ibidem for typography and gender studies and works as a freelancing graphicdesigner, a.o. for the publisher Spector Books, the Kunstverein Hildesheim, and The Dynamic Archive.
Her works depict sociopolitical references to snapshots of the everyday world. Here, questions are asked towards rectilinearity and chaos, towards concepts of corporeality and the processuality of writing.
Furthermore, Bauer move in Zucker e.V.’s orbit and is part of the clubproject p.ara, that opened in January 2020.

Rosanna Umbach
Mariann-Steegmann-Fellow (since October 2017)
Doctorand at the Institut for Sience of Art – Sience of Film – Art Education

Rosanna Umbach is a doctoral student at the Institute for Art History – Film Studies – Art Education, University Bremen and since 2017 holder of the Mariann-Steegmann-Scholarship. Her dissertation project Un/Gewohnte Beziehungsweisen examines family concepts depicted in the display of Schöner Wohnen magazine (1960–1979). She is part of the research groups wohnen+/-ausstellen (dwelling+/-exhibiting) and Wohnseiten. Deutschsprachige Zeitschriften zum Wohnen vom 19. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart und ihre medialen Übertragungen (Lifestyle Pages – German language home journals from the 19th century to the present and their dissemination as media) based at Mariann Steegmann Institute. Art & Gender. Together with Anna-Katharina Riedel she runs the online radio show Wohnfrequenz – Zuhörgespräche über Wohnbilder on sphere radio.

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Lectureseries Critical Futures - Franziska Bauer & Rosanna Umbach


10. February 2021, 18:00