Lectureseries Fine Arts - Alice Creischer

Lectureseries Fine Arts - Alice Creischer

Lecture / 20.01.2021

Within the Lecturesseries Fine Arts Alice Creischer will talk about her work.

'From research to slapstick'

Alice Creischer will talk about her art practice and more specifically about her mixed media installation and film In the Stomach of the Predators (2012-2014), because:

“In the Stomach of the Predators was a work by me and Andreas Siekmann that started in 2012. We looked at the monopolization of seeds and land grabbing. The start of the research was the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, based in the permafrost to store all existing plant seeds in the world. But this seed library is funded by the same corporate lobbies that monopolize the seeds. It was one of the hardest researches I've ever done, because it exposed so clearly the enormous power of corporations and their global interconnectedness. That's why, in addition to the research, a film was made out of desperation—and as a replacement activity—in which four predators appear as ridiculous sponsors fumbling in their handbags for a few seeds. The predators appear in Svalbard, Benin and in Istanbul. These were the stations of the biennials we visited in 2012 / 13. We played the predators ourselves because yes, after all, as traveling biennial artists, we also belong to this family.

I want to talk about this work because it makes clear that political research urgently needs artistic work so that one can still keep one's head up when reality becomes too cruel.”

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20.01.2021, 6 pm

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Alice Creischer, born in Gerolstein in 1960, studied Philosophy, German literature and Visual Arts in Düsseldorf. As one of the key figures of German political art movements in the Nineties, Creischer contributed to a great amount of collective projects, publications, and exhibitions. Her artistic and theoretic agenda within institutional and economical critique has evolved over 20 years, more recently focusing on the early history of capitalism and globalization. As co-curator of such paradigmatic exhibitions like Messe 2ok (1995), ExArgentina (2004) and The Potosi Principle (2010), Creischer has developed a specific curatorial practice that correlates with her work as an artist and theorist, including her extensive practice in archive research. As author Creischer has contributed to many publications, magazines and fanzines.




Graphic and poster for the series: Lasse Hellweg

Lectureseries Fine Arts - Alice Creischer


20. January 2021, 18:00