Lectureseries Fine Arts - Henning Bleyl and Evin Oettingshausen

Lecture - Henning Bleyl und Evin Oettingshausen

Lectureseries / 09.06.2021

Furniture and other everyday objects pass on knowledge and stories. They are linked to personal and emotional references, which are usually only visible and tangible in individual and family areas. What does this mean with regard to the vast amount of home furnishings that forcibly changed hands during the Holocaust?

For the survivors of the Holocaust, the total “utilization” or rather exploitation of Jewish property also means the lack of any memorabilia - for the descendants of the “Aryanization” winners, however, an inheritance whose contexts are mostly taboo in terms of family biographies.

Bremen is confronted with this double lack of memory in a special way: Here, more precisely at the headquarters of the Kuehne + Nagel shipping company on the Weser, the lion's share of the profits from the transport of Jewish property from Western Europe was booked. Evin Oettingshausen's concept “Blank spaces and missing links” for a memorial nearby the company headquarters works with the absence and the interruptions in the story telling, symbolized by an empty shaft and the silhouettes of stolen furniture.

76 years after the end of the Holocaust, things like stolen furniture take on the function of presence, of immediate and emotional accessibility; in a sense they act as “placeholders” for their legitimate displaced or murdered owners. But the implementation of this connection in public space is a tense process, as the lecture will show.


Evin Oettingshausen (div./evin) designed the memorial and is otherwise interested in concepts of remembrance cultural research and provenance issues.

Henning Bleyl (he/him) has been working as a journalist and cultural scientist on NS topics for a long time and initiated the memorial process.

09.06.2021, 6 pm
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3 d historisches Foto Moebellager Stadtarchiv Oberhausen.jpg
3 a historisches Foto Moebellager Stadtarchiv Oberhausen.jpg

Credit: Photos of Jewish-owned furniture transported from the occupied countries of Western Europe in 1943, Stadtarchiv Oberhausen.

1939_Blick auf den Tiefer von der Neustadtseite_ Foto Bremer Zentrum fuer Baukultur.png

Credit: Historical pictures of the Tiefer: The site where barges coming from the Netherlands, among other places, were unloaded during the Nazi era is currently being examined as a memorial location, Bremer Zentrum für Baukultur


Credit: 2 current memorial designs by Evin Oettingshausen



Credit: Series-Graphics by Dominik Hirtel

Lectureseries Fine Arts - Henning Bleyl and Evin Oettingshausen

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09. June 2021, 18:00