Lectureseries Fine Arts - Marco Clausen

Lecture - Marco Clausen

Lectureseries / 21.04.2021

The Lecture will be held in english.

Composting the city? - Urban Gardens between Idyll, Utopia and Sacrificed Zones

Is it possible to do good within the neoliberal city? Or do the reformers of today turn out to be the gentrifiers of tomorrow after all. What’s the use of planting a small utopia in the midst of concrete and profit maximisation when we look at the global challenges? Aren’t gardens a petit bourgeois thing?

In this talk I will draw from 10 years of Prinzessinengarten and other self-organised political educational work and try to make connections to our dealing with climate change and species extinction. What does it mean to initiate and organise bottom up projects from a perspective of social and environmental justice? What do we have to learn and and how do we educate ourselves in order to divest from the one way street of imperialist lifestyles and turn towards a cohabitation with the web of life.

Marco Clausen co-initiated Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin in 2009, a place dedicated to urban agriculture, environmental learning, and neighbourhood participation. He also co-founded “Nomadisch Grün” (Nomadic Green) and Nachbarschaftsinitiative. Clausen has held lectures and organised workshops, events, research and publishing projects on sustainable and resilient urban development, food sovereignty, city-country relationship and the commons. He is currently working with the Spore-Initiative.

21.04.2021, 6 pm
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Credit: Aerial view of the Prinzessinnengarten at Moritzplatz, Berlin Kreuzberg (2017), Fabian Willi Simon


Credit: Public talk at the pergola in the Prinzessinnengarten with representers of the brasilian Landless Movement (MST), 2019, Marko Clausen


Credit: Seed production in the Prinzessinnengarten, Marco Clausen



Series-Graphics by: Dominik Hirtel

Lectureseries Fine Arts - Marco Clausen


21. April 2021, 18:00