Meisterschüler*innen Lectures

Meisterschüler*innen Lectures

Final lectures / 25.09.2020

The Meisterschüler*innen Jessica Ammann and Maria Karpushina will do their final lectures.

The lectures are in connection with the Meisterschüler*innen exhibition that will open in November, you will find the eventpage  --> here.

The exhibitions of the Meisterschüler*innen, which have been held annually at the Weserburg since 2011, provide a multifaceted insight into the quality and diversity of current art production in Bremen. On September 25th, there will be online lectures in which the Meisterschüler*innen will give preliminary insights into their artistic work and developments.

25.09.2020, 6 pm

Internal access via Microsoft Teams: Click Link - Like it is known via Hfk-Teamsaccount.

External access via Microsoft Teams Webapp (just via Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer):
Click Link - Click Option "Stattdessen im Web teilnehmen" - set a name - mute microphone (right switcher/shifter in the window) - Click "Jetzt teilnehmen" - Waiting till moderation let you in.


A special highlight is the awarding of the Karin Hollweg Prize, which is linked to the presentation. Endowed with a total of 15,000 euros, it is one of the most important art sponsorship prizes at German art academies. Half of the prize money is reserved for an institutional solo exhibition in Bremen. In 2020, 21 artists* are involved in the presentation, which will show new works, some of which are site-specific.


Poster and graphic by Ganna Bauer & Miriam Busch.

Meisterschüler*innen Lectures


25. September 2020, 18:00