Final Lectures / 08.07.2021

Last notes before exiting the building – Meister:schüler:innenlectures 2021

The Meister:schüler:innen will hold an artist talk revolving around their practice or the work they are preparing for the exhibition “Last notes before entering the Building”, taking place at Weserburg in November 2021.

Lecturers: Ryosuke Aratani, Paul Ole Janns, Ugur Karatas, Sebastian Moske, Ludgar Näkel, Elisa Storelli, Armin Wischkony

Moderated by: Prof. Natascha Sadr Haghighian

08.07.2020, 18.00 CEST
online via MS Teams:

(Be aware of that the lecture could be recorded and published later.)


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08. July 2021, 18:00